Aims to Bring Chitas to Every Jew

Celebrating eighty years since daily Chitas was first established, Chayenu launches, the one-stop for what Chitas is, how it started, the tangible benefits of learning Chitas, and encouraging everyone to join the Chitas movement.

You have surely heard of Chayenu! Synonymous with daily Chitas and Rambam study, Chayenu facilitates daily Torah study for tens of thousands of Jews around the world. Now, they have launched an exciting new website and initiative,

Chitas as we know it was first established eighty years ago. Together with the newly published Hayom Yom—the classic Chasidic guide for enriched daily living—in the year 5703, a daily portion of Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya (Chitas) was presented as a daily study.

This three-pronged daily study program was encouraged by the Rebbe, who referred to it as “a schedule of learning that is suitable to every person.” At every possible opportunity, the Rebbe urged everyone to adopt its study, declaring that not only is the study of Chitas a means of connecting to the Rebbe (hiskashrus), but it also serves as a direct channel to receive Divine blessings! serves as a platform for all things Chitas, including the history of Chitas (starting from the Baal Shem Tov), what is, how to, and when to, learn Chitas, and personal stories from a wide range of individuals who share how the daily study of Chitas has changed their lives.

The website also details the many blessings associated with the daily study of Chitas; for example, livelihood, health, sleeping disorders and anxieties, shidduchim, children, and much more.

The primary goal of the website is to become an educational tool to teach, encourage, and inspire every single Jew to participate in this study program. Your Chitas commitment will bring you together with thousands of others who are also studying Chitas. The Share Your Chitas Story page allows you to inspire others by sharing your Chitas story, illustrating what the study of Chitas has done for you.

We invite you to make the Chitas commitment, join the movement, and make a vessel for Hashem’s blessings today.

Moshiach’s Question

The Rebbe said at a public gathering (Shabbos Parshas Pekudei 5727):

When Moshiach comes, he won’t understand excuses (kuntzin). He will demand a factual statement: List for me on a piece of paper… How many Yidden did you influence to study (the shiurim of) Chitas? 

The message is clear, and the responsibility is great: Chitas is not only for you and me but also for everyone we meet!

Chitas becomes (even more) accessible.

The website also enables users to join a waitlist for the highly anticipated Schottenstein Edition of Daily Studies in Chitas, which will be released in the summer of 2023. 

The book will feature a revolutionary new translation of Chumash with Rashi (for the first time fully translated according to the Rebbe’s interpretation), along with the entire Tehillim and Tanya, all in Hebrew and English, and packed into a single, beautifully-bound volume. This will make the systematic study of Chitas accessible to everyone.

Daily Studies in Chitas will be published in partnership with Chayenu, Kehot Publication Society, Chabad House Publications, and David and Eda Schottenstein.

The website and Chitas initiative are spearheaded by Rabbi Yossi Pels, executive director of Chayenu, and is sponsored by David and Eda Schottenstein in memory of Hadassah Lebovic.

Please visit to learn more and make the Chitas commitment!

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