Chinuch Takes Center Stage at Southern Kinus Hashluchim 

Shluchim in the Southeast US region gathered for a Kinus in South Carolina. The newly established Cheder for young Shluchim was a focus of attention. 

From small communities sprinkled across the southeast of the United States, Shluchim gathered for a regional Kinus. The small but influential group celebrated past successes and discussed plans and goals for the coming year. As a central concern of every parent, Chinuch naturally highlighted the event, especially just two weeks after establishing a brand new Cheder for Shluchims’ children in the region.

Rabbi Doron Eisenman hosted the convention at the newly purchased and renovated Chabad center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Various workshops and group discussions tackled pressing topics especially relevant in the region. Perhaps even more valuable, the casual and intimate setting allowed for Shluchim to connect and bond over more personal concerns. 

Beginning the day with a practical session, Rabbi Shlomo Cohen of Charlotte, NC offered tips and tricks for fundraising. He focused on advising employee Shluchim serving alongside their employer Shluchim in their Chabad House.  

The main workshop, entitled “Educating our children,” discussed the importance and value of Chinuch. The recently established Cheder in North Carolina was a focus of much discussion. The school offers a proper Lubavitch Chinuch, ‘Al Taharas Hakodesh’, for young Shluchim. Rabbi Yosef Plotkin, Shliach to Greensborough, NC, explained the drive and inspiration behind the tremendous undertaking. Rabbi Yossi Nemes, from New Orleans, LA, spoke about cultivating a Chassidishe environment in the home. He stressed the importance of using the available resources to bring the Rebbe and Chassidus to our children. 

“While technology can be viewed as the greatest challenge of our generation, the Rebbe constantly encouraged us to utilize everything available to us to its fullest potential for good,” said Nemes. 

Gathered from the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana, the Shluchim were joined by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, and entrusted by the Rebbe with the responsibility of organizing the Kinusim. 

“The impact of the Shluchim is clear for all to see,” Rabbi Kotlarsky said to the Shluchim with his signature passion. “Everyone has seen the results of the recent Pew Report, that 38% of all US Jews find their connection to Yiddishkeit through Chabad. As Shluchim, we cannot be satisfied, such a report should inspire every one of us to double and triple our efforts until every Yid is accounted for.”

This past summer, Rabbi Levi Cohen moved to Charlotte, NC. For Cohen and other young Shluchim, the kinus carried additional meaning. 

“This was my first opportunity to get to know the Shluchim in the area. The newfound sense of community and friendship I discovered is truly invaluable,” shared Cohen. 

Local Shliach Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Naparstek addressed the closing gala banquet. He spoke about the expansion and growth of Chabad in the area over the 35 years of activity. 

Rabbi Eisenman then introduced Mr. Sam (Yeron) Loren, the primary benefactor of the new Chabad center. The Shluchim joined in, thanking him for his continued support and offering his blessings for continued success and much Nachas from his family. 

“When Chabad first moved to the area 35 years ago, I advised them to invest elsewhere. They had no chance of success in this small town,” said Loren to the crowd. “Needless to say, thankfully, they ignored my advice. They have transformed my life, the lives of my family, and the entire city. All my children attended the Chabad school, and today my grandchildren study there as well. It is impossible to describe how different this city would look today without Chabad.” 

An inspiration-filled Fabrengen continued throughout the night led by Rabbi Yossi Lew, Shliach to Peachtree, GA. He encouraged the crowd to invest their mind, heart, and personality into their Shlichus, echoing the Rebbe’s guarantee that this would bring Moshiach. The Shluchim walked away, energized and empowered to begin the new year. 

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