Chinuch Course Back By Popular Demand

The ‘Chinuch Through Connection’ course for Mechanchim by Rabbi Yaakov K. Chaiton, which trains teachers to engage in the emotional needs of their students is coming back for the 5781 school year.

The moment of conflict in a classroom, be it students fighting, struggling with classwork, talking or anything else, is a decisive moment for the teacher to choose an appropriate response that will further the education of the child and retain a structured and healthy environment for learning.

The challenge for many teachers is knowing what that next step is.

Welcome to the ‘Chinuch Through Connection’ 4 week webinar for Mechanchim.

‘Chinuch Through Connection’ is embedded with Chassidus and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to train teachers to engage in the emotional needs of their students and gain a sense of connection, self regulation and structure.

As one teacher who took the course last year explained, “When one of my students were having a tough day, I relied upon the ‘Chinuch Through Connection’ training and Boruch Hashem things turned around for the better.”

While gentle parenting and teaching methods are definitely a hot trend, many of them lack an implementable and practical element.

Chinuch Though Connection isn’t just a nice idea or an approach. It is an all encompassing way to handle every situation a teacher might encounter in a day of teaching.

It will empower the teacher with the tools to self regulate in the moment of chaos, create effective, safe and proper structure and clarity, model for students so that they too can handle their upsets and encounters with other students in a way that is assertive, empathetic, and helpful.

As teachers, we all come to class prepared with our Chumash and Gemara notes, but are we all equipped to handle the emotional needs of our children? Can we honestly say we know how to give a consequence that is not damaging and yet at the same time is effective?

The answer for many is probably not.

Give yourself and your students the most powerful gift this year, the gift of teaching through connection.

Rabbi Chaiton has many years of Chinuch experience. He has taught this approach to many teachers and parents with great success. This past summer he expanded his reach to train camp staff so they too could be there for the campers in a strong emotional way. The comments that continue to pour in each time a course is given, is the practical, realistic and implementable element of it all.

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