Children’s Hakafos to Be Held in 770

Tzivos Hashem will be holding special hakafos for children in 770 on Monday night, Simchas Torah, with ma’ariv, kiddush and refreshments, and hakafos led by madrichim.

Monday Night – Simchas Torah – Children’s Hakafos 5783, Shnas Hakhel

The Rebbe’s Sefer Torah will be in the Kingston Ladies Shul from 3:00pm – 6:45pm

Children’s Hakafos in 770 with refreshments for Boys ages 10 and under, Girls age 11 and under.

6:05 Doors open
6:55 Ma’ariv, Kiddush & Hakafos
8:00 Hakafos Ends

Mothers will only be allowed with children 5 and under.

Mothers with babies two and younger enter from the main entrance to the Shul. No strollers allowed in. Exit on Eastern Pkwy.

Mothers with children ages 3 – 5 will enter through the sukkah.

Girls 6 – 11 will sit with madrichos. They enter from the entrance by the Rebbe’s Room.

Girls 12 and up will participate from the women’s section.

Boys 6 to 10
Enter from the main entrance. Stand on the bleachers with Madrichim.

Fathers and boys age 11 and older are encouraged to go on Tahalucha.

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