Children Gift 2.2 Million Lines of Torah to the Rebbe

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/

Children and teachers braved the rain on Tuesday morning to come to 770 for a Yud Alef Nissan rally, where they presented a monumental gift to the Rebbe: 2.2 million lines of Torah ba’al peh. The rally concluded with a send off for the 120 Tank Parade.

Children and teachers braved the rain on Tuesday morning to come to 770 for a Yud Alef Nissan rally, celebrating the 120th birthday of our Rebbe.

Under umbrellas and raincoats, the children recited the twelve pesukim, emceed by Rabbi Shimon Hecht, and watched video clips of the Rebbe relevant to Yud Alef Nissan.

Rabbi Hecht then called up Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, to present the gift that thousands of children prepared for the Rebbe. Rabbi Weinbaum excitingly told the children that this year, they would be gifting the Rebbe a present of unprecedented proportions: 1.2 million lines of Tanya ba’al peh, and 1 million lines of Mishnayos ba’al peh!

After presenting the gift together with two children, each who had learned tremendous amount of lines ba’al peh, the children called out ‘ad mosai‘ in unison, asking that their gift be the last mitzvos needed to bring Moshiach, when they will finally see the Rebbe.

The parade concluded with a grand send-off for the historic 120 Mitzvah Tank Parade, as the children and a large crowd of bystanders watched and counted as 120 vehicles bedecked in messages about the mivtzoim, Pesach and Moshiach, headed out from 770 to conquer the entire NYC.

VIDEO: The children see off the Tank Parade

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  1. Their goal was 2.2 million. They actually reached over 2.5 MILLION LINES OF TORAH BAAL PEH! Mazal tov Chayolim! This is a beautiful and unimaginable gift to our dear Rebbe in honor of his birthday.

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