Children Get Their Own Menorah Parade

Why should only adults run the menorah parades? A group of creative boys in Afula, Israel, got together and created a parade of their own – using bikes.

By reporter

For many years, the children of Afula’s Chabad community have taken part in mivtzoim by visiting stores and businesses and bringing them the light of the Chanukah.

This year, however, the boys decided to upgrade things a little by creating their very own menorah parade – on bikes!

The idea was sparked back in Tishrei, when Menachem Mendel Moyal and Yonasan Chakuki built sukkahs on their bikes for mivtzoim and decided that when Chanukah came, they would do something similar.

As Chanukah neared, a large group of children got to work. They recruited local Chabad carpenter R’ Ofer Winkler to build them wooden menorah frames, which the boys then painted, lit up with light bulbs, and mounted on their bikes. The boys then paraded through the streets of Afula, bringing light and joy to the city.

According to Sholom Ber Keretz, who organizes activities for the community’s youth, all the work was undertaken by the boys themselves. “Over the years, they have all visited businesses on mivtzoim,” he said. “But this year, they came up with this completely on their own, and arranged everything – from A-Z!”

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