Children First!

While the Rebbe encouraged women to get involved in outreach activities, he also emphasized the woman’s primary role as a homemaker, requiring them to put their children first.

At Nshei Chabad conventions, in public letters, and in private communications, the Rebbe encouraged women to become involved in outreach activities. At the same time, the Rebbe emphasized the woman’s primary role as the homemaker and chief educator of her children.

In a conversation with Mr. Peter Kalms of London, the Rebbe discouraged him from getting the local Lubavitch woman more involved in communal work, since they were mothers to young children, therefore “it would be more suitable for them to be active in the home rather than outside.”

Mrs. Malka Katz, veteran shlucha to New Haven, Connecticut, was once approached by members of the local community with a request that she undertake a new project. She already had many commitments, as well as a house full of children, and couldn’t decide whether to take it on.

Mrs. Katz shared her deliberations with the Rebbe, and received a clear response:

“Vos vet zain mit di kinder – What will be with the children?”

(Derher Elul 5777; Compass Magazine Issue 18)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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  1. The Rebbe used the words Akeres Habayis which translates into “foundation of the home” ie that she sets the tone for everything that goes on at home.

    Homemaker is a secular concept that means that a woman stays in her house all day cooking and cleaning.

    An akeres habayis could also be cooking and cleaning but primarily it means raising children.

    The focus is different.

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