Chief Rabbis Test Young Shluchim

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Chief Rabbi of Chulon Yochanan Gurarie joined the Siyum of the MyShliach Hebrew Yeshivas Erev to test the Shluchim’s kids on the material they had learned. 

Two hundred young shluchim from across Europe and Asia gathered for a Siyum this week. The children celebrated the completion of Mishnayos Masechta Brachos and the Halachos of Hashkomas HaBoker from the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch. They were tested on the material by Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, alongside Rabbi Eliyahu Yochanan Gurarie, Chief Rabbi of Chulon, Israel. The special guests brought great excitement to the Siyum and emphasized the great importance of the children’s learning. 

Yeshivas Erev, a project of the Hebrew division of MyShliach, organized by Rabbi Mendy Shif under the directorship of Rabbi Dovale Halperin, brings young Shluchim together for an hour of virtual learning every day after their regular schooling hours have concluded. Hebrew speaking bochurim lead small groups of children in grades three through eight. The lessons are fun and engaging, interspersed with chassidishe stories and farbrengens. The Siyum underscored their outstanding learning achievements. 

The Yeshivas Erev curriculum includes Sichos of the Rebbe, Shulchan Aruch, and Mishnayos. These topics were chosen to model the idea of a “Chayal”, an acronym for Chosid (Sichos), Yiras Shomayim (Halacha), Lamdan (Mishna). 

“The Rebbe’s desire was for each of his Chassidim to be a Chayal, a true soldier in Hashem’s army. Being on the front lines of Shlichus helping other Jews, these young Shluchim must be especially strong in these three areas,” explained Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, MyShliach Director.

Over the past several months, the young shluchim mastered the subjects with the help of their teachers. At the Siyum, questions were presented on the material and the Rabbis expressed their amazement as nearly every hand was raised to answer each question. The test lasted for over an hour and left the Rabbis thoroughly impressed by the children. 

The value of the Yeshivas Erev program is far beyond academic achievements. The majority of the participants are homeschooled or study in online classes.

“Many of these children live in the most remote corners of the world,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “Many are completely isolated from any sort of a frum community, let alone a social scene. We strive to provide opportunities for them to socialize and develop friendships with children their age.”

As soon as the program had concluded, parents such as Mrs. Dalia Sanioff were already asking for another term. 

“Giving my kids a sense of belonging, high standard learning, and a deep sense of pride in their mission is always on my mind.” wrote Mrs. Sanoff. “When someone recommended the MyShliach Ivrit program, we immediately jumped on the opportunity. Little did I know, this would change my sons’ everyday reality in such a real way. They left feeling uplifted and counting the days until the next “zman” starts.”   

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