Chidon Registration Is Open, and So Is Their Email Inbox

As 5,593 children register for Chidon, Tzivos Hashem HQ shares a thank you message written by a Chidon trophy winner who invested 2800 hours studying over the past 5 years.

By Batsheva Dubov – Lubavitch Senior Girls London

Dear Rabbi Kotlarsky,
Rabbi Benjaminson,
Rabbi Weinbaum,
and every single member of the most amazing Chidon staff sheyichyu,

On behalf of my parents and myself, I would like to thank you SO SO SO much for the incredible past 5 years I’ve had with Chidon. There are no words to describe the immense dedication you have shown towards making this Chidon so incredibly special.

Over the past 5 years of learning for Chidon, I calculated that I spent around 2800 hours in total studying the Rambam, as outlined in the most well-designed and educational Yahadus books!!

I am so deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to master the 613 mitzvos and their details in these five years.

Chidon has given me so much, in addition to the prizes and rewards which I have received. For a start, I have gained so much knowledge which will IYH remain with me throughout my whole life.

Chidon taught me how to learn; it strengthened my hiskashrus to the Rebbe by learning the Sefer Hamitzvos; it instilled in me the importance of every single minute and taught me how much can be accomplished in a certain amount time. Chidon has given me the passion to continue learning Hashem’s Torah.

Learning for Chidon filled every phone call with my friends, every break time in school, and the journeys to and from school. It was simply awesome to be engaged in Hashem’s Torah all day!!! 

In addition to all the ruchniyus benefits which I gained, for which I simply cannot thank you enough, you have also shown such profuse generosity with your prizes and Shabbatons. I have such fond memories of my very first Chidon Shabbaton in Crown Heights. I remember it being so thrilling. It was such a blast and a really, really enjoyable and rewarding Shabbaton! I won a plaque and a medal and just couldn’t wait to begin studying Book 2. I studied like I never did before and was so excited when I heard the news that I would be joining the Shabbaton that year!!

Once again, it was so outstanding. I got to know so many friends (with whom I still keep in touch today!), and the trips which we went on were just unbelievable. I remember the gameshow that year as if it was yesterday – sitting there anxiously listening to the trophy winners and then I heard my name for the grade 5 silver trophy, Boruch Hashem!!!  

Then I began learning Book 3. This book was my favorite one. I really enjoyed going through the units and learning about the Beis Hamikdash as well as the mitzvos that we will keep when Moshiach comes, may it be very soon! My favorite unit of all 5 books was unit 122, about the details of the Beis Hamikdash and its construction. Although we weren’t required to learn the sidebars and selected halachos, etc, I would always take a break to read through them and they gave me a broader understanding and appreciation for that Mitzvah. And that year’s Shabbaton was outstanding! Each day was packed with trip after trip and rewards. It was literally a month of camp condensed into 4 days!!!

And then registration opened for Chidon 5780 – a rush of excitement filled the air and I continued to study. Even when we couldn’t go to Crown Heights due to Covid-19, you explained to us that it’s just the Soton who is trying to stop it all, and encouraged us to be the soldiers who continue studying no matter what! The virtual Chidon gameshow was truly amazing and so exciting – especially when I won the Grade 7 silver trophy BH!! All the hard work definitely paid off. 

Kol HaTorah Kulah and book 5 were a lot to pack in, but that only added to the motivation and excitement. Once again, you didn’t let us down… We had a choice of prizes and I chose the set of seforim, Der Rebbe Redt Tzu Kinder, which I now read to my family and guests every Shabbos by the Shabbos table. As though these were not enough, in addition, you gave each contestant a Chidon box, as well as a beautiful rose gold Chidon bracelet!! Your true dedication, devotion and incredible generosity in rewarding us really touched us all. Boruch Hashem, this past year I won the Kol HaTorah Kulah gold trophy! I could hardly believe it! I am so so happy Boruch Hashem!! 

Now, I am writing to you, thinking back at the entire amazing experience with Chidon. 

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you have done for me and for all the Chidon participants. I would also like to thank profusely all those who help to sponsor Chidon, especially Mr. George Rohr. You have enriched my life in words that I cannot describe. What I have gained will last me my whole life Be’ezras Hashem. The Avodas Hakodesh which you do is definitely bringing Hashem’s shechinah into this world and is certainly bringing Moshiach closer. The Rebbe is no doubt beaming with incredible nachas from all of this.

May Chidon go from strength to strength and may every Jewish child be zoche to participate!!! 

May Moshiach come now and next year’s Chidon will already be in the Beis Hamikdosh Hashlishi!

With tremendous gratitude and appreciation,


Batsheva Dubov

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