Chidon Questions to Be Addressed In 9 Minute Zoom

In just over two weeks, thousands of parents will register their children for their Chidon rewards. A 9 minute Zoom meeting will provide clarity about many of the details. Choose from one of three times that works best for you.

In just over 2 weeks thousands of parents will register their children for their Chidon rewards.

Chidon has grown to 6,085 children all around the world including over 1,000 children from non Lubavitch families.

“We want to provide the smoothest registration possible” says Chidon Director Rabbi Shmuel Bronstein. “We are taking a proactive approach to answer people’s questions before they ask”.

Chidon has a mission: “Every Child, Every Mitzvah” and in order to make Chidon accessible to all children there are now 4 tracks with different levels of rewards and 4 types of awards. “This has proven to be a huge success”, says Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, Executive Director of Tzivos Hashem. “We at Tzivos Hashem Headquarters have watched the dropout rate go from 57% to 6%”.

“It’s a win-win”, says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “The children appreciate the different tracks as it allows them to choose which level of learning and how much of their spare time they are committed to give. Parents appreciate the different tracks as the rewards they are paying for equal the time and effort their child is putting in”.

After test 4 on the 13 Adar Aleph, February 14, the children will be getting their results of which track they passed and which reward they are eligible to sign up for.

“This is a time when parents need to understand the different tracks, so they can appreciate their children’s accomplishments and give them the recognition they deserve”, says Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, General of the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem Brigade. “We truly believe that the recognition the children receive from the parents means more to the child than anything else”.

“Behind this growing movement of children is a dedicated movement of parents”, says Rabbi Zalmy Kudan, Director of Chidon Communications. “We want to use this opportunity to thank the parents for the continued support which they provide their children with throughout the year. We hope this meeting will provide the tools to support their children at this critical juncture”.

Our goal with this meeting is to give all the parents the clarity of: When registration will start? How long will we have to register? What will happen after registration? When will the Siyum Hamitzvos take place and how can we participate? What rewards will our children receive and will they receive them? How much will registration cost? What subsidies are available for those who need it? What ways can community members provide subsidies for people in their community?

We look forward to welcoming the parents on Sunday. There are three different times to accommodate the parents in the 16 time zones chidon parents span. The meeting will take place 9:00am – 2:00pm – 9:00pm EST

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