Chicago Siyum Concludes with Spontaneous Dance

The Chicago community held a Siyum Harambam celebration on Tuesday, headed by father and son Rabbi Aron Dovid Gancz, maggid shiur in Morristown Yeshiva, and Chazzan Rabbi Boruch Gancz. Following the siyum, the crowd burst into a joyous dance.

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Members of the Chicago community joined the bochurim of Yeshivas Ohr Eliyahu on Tuesday for a Siyum Harambam, marking the 40th completion of the cycle of daily Rambam study.

The evening, titled “Song and Spirit – An Uplifting Evening Experience with Father and Son”, featured father Rabbi Aron Dovid Gancz, maggid shiur in Morristown Yeshiva, and son Chazzan Rabbi Boruch Gancz. Organized by Beis Menachem, Bnei Reuven, FREE of Chicago, Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois and Yeshivas Ohr Eliyahu – Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago, the event was hosted in the Bnei Reuven shul.

Emceeing the Siyum was Rabbi Moshe Binyomin Perlstein, dean of Chicago Mesivta. Greetings were offered by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, menahel of the Cheder, and the Siyum was made by by Rabbi Boruch Hertz, rov of the Chabad community. The 41th cycle of Rambam was started by Rabbi Zalman Schurder, and the keynote address was delivered by Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz. Throughout the evening, niggum sung by Rabbi Boruch Gancz, accompanied by Rabbi Yiztchok Zirkind.

Following the completion of the Rambam, the assembled began singing “Sisu v’simchu b’simchas Torah“, and the crowd spontaneously got up to dance, celebrating the completion of “Kol Hatorah Kula.”

Following the official program, many remained for a farbrengen with Rabbi Gancz Sr., with opening remarks by Rabbi Meir Shimon Moscowitz, regional director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois.

VIDEO: Spontaneous Dancing Following the Siyum

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