Chicago Mesivta Launches “Chica-GO” Campaign

Yeshivas Ohr Eliyahu Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago is launching a fundraiser to fuel the light of Torah in the lives of over 150 bochurim. You can make a difference.

For 25 years the incredible Hanhola at Chicago Mesivta have worked tirelessly to connect young minds to Torah and young hearts to chassidus. In addition to excellent mentorship and academic growth, the dedicated staff invests a tremendous amount of effort in identifying and meeting the personal needs of each individual student. The Mesivta is a place of success: students are taught on a direct, personal level, and are able to achieve tremendous academic accomplishments. The Mesivta is a place of Hiskashrus: talented educators lead the students on a journey of spiritual growth and self-actualization as a unified community. This is an incredible institution.

Every Bochur deserves personal attention and tangible dedication from their teachers. Connection is critical in order for a student to identify with his learning experience. The educators at Chicago Mesivta masterfully fuse Torah learning with Chassidus and personal growth for their teenage students. A Torah education that deeply roots a child to his sense of purpose and importance is an incredible gift – and this is the mission of the Mesivta.

Chicago Mesivta is dedicated to providing their signature top-tier education to young Bochurim, but they need our help!

The Mesivta is raising $450k in 36 hours in a triple-match campaign!

Thanks to generous sponsors, your donation is matched 3x! Your gift of $200 = $600 for the Mesivta!

YOU have the opportunity to join Chicago Mesivta in celebrating 25 years of Torah impact.

Start time is Monday June 28 at 10 a.m. – don’t miss this triple-match opportunity.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Share! Send texts, emails, messages, post on social media platforms and more to let your contacts know about our campaign and how much we would appreciate their support.
  • Give! Whether it’s $18, $180, or $1,800, your gift is appreciated and creates a powerful impact in the lives of young chassidishe students. Head over to and DONATE!

Let’s do it for the Mesivta! Let’s enable students to ChicaGO LEARN!

Here We ChicaGO!

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