Tonight: Chicago Girls High School Presents ‘Stolen Memories’

Tonight at 9:00 PM ET: The annual production put on by Lubavitch Girls High School of Chicago, IL, titled “Stolen Memories” will premiere online.

When you walk inside Lubavitch Girls High School in Chicago, IL, you’ll find the walls plastered top to bottom with flyers hyping the students up for their annual production.

Each year, many frum girls schools put on a production highlighting the various talents found in their student body. Students grades 9th to 12th unite, building teamwork and an array of other specialized life skills. Everyone adores production. “Production is the highlight of my year,” Rivky L. said with a grin. Even after graduation, alumni are filled with warm feelings and nostalgia.

When Covid-19 hit, the students at LGHS worried about missing out on their beloved school programs, especially the annual production. Production heads: Esti B., Leah K. and Dinah H. spent countless hours trying to give the students a sense of normalcy in these unprecedented times. With theaters closed and large social gatherings not an option, there seemed no way to salvage the situation.

However, “The show must go on” the heads declared. After many long meetings and going back and forth, the idea of creating a film would accommodate the CDC Covid-19 guidelines while providing the students with a creative outlet and the ability to express themselves through their talents.

Emunah B. has been performing in LGHS’s band since ninth grade. “In a normal school day we don’t get to be so creative. That’s what I love about production; there’s a lot of hard work put into it and it really pays off in the end.” Emunah plays a variety of instruments, including the piano and glockenspiel. “I really enjoy playing music. Production lets me do that while connecting me with the other girls in school who are passionate about music too.”

The students are thrilled to be working on the film based on the story of Serina, by Ruti Tanenold.

“Since first grade I’ve dreamt about performing in the LGHS productions,” said ninth-grader, Chana Perl V. “I was worried that I would miss my first production. Now, I’m so excited to be starring in Stolen Memories.”

Stolen Memories is under the direction of Mrs. Mandy Hakimi and Mrs. Ruth Wait and made possible with the dedicated help of Estie Capland.

To purchase tickets to the online premiere of Stolen Memories visit

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