Chicago Gathers for Kinus Torah for 60th Year

The Chicago Anash community gathered at the Bnei Reuven shul on Chol Hamoed for a Kinus Torah marking 60 years of such Torah gatherings.

MC and organizer Rabbi Meir Moscowitz, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Illinois, opened the Kinus Torah with some words on the obligation to learn Torah especially on chol hamoed, and the Rebbe’s establishment of a Kinus Torah.

Rabbi Boruch Hertz, mara d’asra and rov of Anash in Chicago, addressed the shaila of what to do if packages with chometz arrive on Pesach.

Rabbi Shalom Wolberg, shliach in Glencoe, Illinois, spoke about the topic of מצוות לאו להנות נתנו.

Rabbi Yisroel Noach Lipskier, mashpia in Crown Heights, spoke about the issur of ועצם לא תשברו by Korbon Pesach.

Rabbi Shaya Zalmanov spoke about the Rebbe’s way in learning “pshuto shel mikra.”

Hatomin Mendel Sacks spoke about the halachos of writing סת”ם from a text.

Hatomim Betzalel Schanowitz spoke about saying שהחיינו and making a farbrengen as part of מנהגי יום הולדת.

Hatomim Levi Schechter spoke about תפילין ביו”ט שני של גליות .

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