Chicago Cheder Celebrates Gold and Silver Trophy Winners

Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago had a majority of its students qualify for the trophy round of the Chidon. The students were treated to an awards ceremony and game show to test their knowledge.

Yeshivas around the world sent students off to participate in the international Chidon, and Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago was proud to have a majority of their students qualify for the trophy final of the international Chidon.

The yeshiva hosted its own awards ceremony, led by Rabbi Zalman Twersky, the kids were called up one by one to receive the prizes, medals, or trophies they worked so hard to earn.

Later in the day the yeshiva also hosted its own game show. Hosted by Rabbi Michoell Lipskier and judged by Rabbi Meir Shanowitz, and Rabbi Yoel Wolf. The students were split into three teams and competed against each other to test their knowledge of all they had learned throughout the year from the Yahadus curriculum of Sefer HaMitzvos.

The Yeshiva is especially proud of two of its students, 8th grader Shalom Posner for earning a silver trophy and 5th grader Zalman Zirkind for earning a gold trophy.

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