Chevron to Host World’s Largest Shabbos Meal

Thousands of Jews who will be spending Shabbos Chayei Sarah near the Mearas HaMachpelah in Chevron will have all their physical and spiritual needs provided by Chabad of Chevron.

This weekend, anchored by the holy Shabbos, the streets of Hebron (Chevron to those with a well-oiled Hebrew) overflow with tens of thousands of men, women, and children from every walk of life.

Heroic IDF soldiers smile at newborn babies. Holocaust survivors dance with Yeshiva students. Wise Bubbies pray with hippy teenagers. Rabbis in long coats share Challah with souls in short pants.

And that’s all in one room, under one tent! The multitudes descend upon Hebron’s every street and every house, only to ascend to heights higher than heaven.

No two individuals are the same, but they do all have one thing in common. They are all grandchildren of the same woman, Sarah Immeinu, Sarah Our Mother. This Shabbat, we read the portion entitled Chayei Sarah, the Life of Sarah, who lived and is buried in Hebron.

Her grandchildren come to Hebron for Shabbat Chayei Sarah to experience the miracle of a family more vibrant than ever, some 3,500 years later. Galvanized by last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, the excitement for this year’s gathering is beyond description. We are ensuring that this Shabbat Chayei Sarah is one for the masses: thousands are welcome to our tent for festive Shabbat meals as together we embark upon a spiritual journey to the heavens and back. Sarah, Our Dear Mother, Your Children are Home for Shabbat.

Since her passing, Sarah’s grandchildren have lived by her life’s example to rise above our challenges and ground ourselves in connection. The ultimate Jewish mother, Sarah instills in us the BUILD ON attitude. When life throws you a curveball, you center it and smack it out of the park. That’s BUILD ON. When you know you can count on millions of brothers and sisters to embolden your efforts and champion your successes in the face of dissent. That’s BUILD ON. When souls can unite spiritually, transcending even the greatest distances, to ensure that our history empowers our future. That’s BUILD ON.

As Sarah’s progeny, that is exactly what Chabad of Hebron has been doing for the past few years.

As custodians of the property adjacent to Meorat Hamachpela, the eternal Machpela Cave, ​​we have launched a monumental building project to concretize everything Sarah stands for.

Like the tent of Sarah and Abraham, The Machpela Heritage Center will inspire, embrace, educate, celebrate, and invigorate every person who walks through its door. From cutting-edge technology, to a state-of-the-art soldiers lounge, to a gorgeous event space overlooking the Meorat Hamachpela (what better way to enter the covenant of Abraham!), this is more than a building. It is our future constructed with the bricks of our past and the gifts of our present.

A significant portion of the capital required for the building has already been raised by pillars and partners of Chabad of Hebron. To ignite and inspire every person to partake in this magical project, Chabad of Hebron will be launching an international crowdfunding campaign entitled, BUILD HEBRONBuilding on our past. Building for our future. The campaign will raise the necessary funds to bring the building to completion. 

As we prepare for the upcoming campaign, your continued support is greatly appreciated. Your contribution is a partnership in the future of our people at the site of our origin. Donate here! 

Please stay tuned for ways to get involved. We need you because Hebron is yours!

Wishing you and the world a Shabbat Shalom, one that illuminates all of life with the peace and tranquility of Sarah’s (and her granddaughters’) candles.

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