Cheder That Inspires Love of Gemara Now Offering YeshivaCamp

Following in the footsteps of Online Cheder’s year-round program, the YeshivaCamp offers the same dedication to each talmid, in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Online Cheder ( has an innovative way of giving talmidim a love for and true understanding of Gemara. Following the Rebbe’s horaos and using Klalei HaChinuch VHaHadrocha of the Frierdiker Rebbe, the Cheder works hard to build key skills in a way that the child will remember and will enjoy Torah.  

This same Cheder is offering a summer YeshivaCamp that is designed to lift your child and give them the tools they need to succeed. Its mission is to make the summer productive and to give children a chance to excel and learn Torah in a way that speaks to each talmid, give them skills and show them that Torah is enjoyable and accessible as their heritage should be. To make learning fun, we use games as memory tools.  

To succeed we have a variety of methods (see below for more discussion on this). For the older classes, we introduced plays that brought home the key message of the Gemara, wrote a storybook to make the Gemara come to life and held lively discussions on the practical implications of the Gemara and why Hashem’s Rotzon dictates that the law be A and not B in each case. 

To see our hilarious skits (designed to bring the Gemara to life, zero in on key concepts and allow Talmidim to ad lib) and read one of the storybooks that the teacher made with the class, click here.

A Summer of Growth: 

The YeshivaCamp will feature the same methods that Online Cheder uses throughout the year and is great for a child who wants to learn in a fun, exciting and meaningful way.  We are also offering older classes for those who need to be caught up in the skills they missed during class due to the pandemic or any other reason. The boys Cheder plans to have groups from ages 6-13. Mesivta prep is offered as well. The separate girls school is also offering a summer of fun learning for any group that’s interested, with the same goal and using many of these exciting methods.    

Focus on the Student:

Small classes and different streams have been great for talmidim and we hope to offer this throughout the summer, when learning is lighter and more memorable. There are streams for all levels, for children who simply need to be shown that Torah is exciting and accessible, for those who catch things quickly and may have been bored in other classes and for those who struggle and must learn step by step. Chanoch L’Naar is a key mission of our Cheder and of the YeshivaCamp Program.

One key is lively iyun and discussion. All questions are encouraged and lively discussions are a normal feature in our classes. This is true of the younger Chumash and Pirush HaMilos classes as well as in Mishna and Halacha. This method is absolutely key to our older Gemara and Mishna classes.   

The Cheder also stresses that talmidim understand that this is Toras Hashem. Understanding why the Gemara rules as it does is key. Discussions ensue as to what each of the litigants should really do (what Hashem’s Torah really wants them to do, reminding them that a judge cannot usually demand that one go above the letter of the law and that doing so would itself be unjust). By looking at rulings in that context, even a young student can see the greatness of Torah and the thought and caring involved in each discussion. Doing so is the only way to give them a knowledge and appreciation for Toras Nezikin. This is how Gemara is supposed to be taught and how it always was. When this was done, interest and understanding flowed. 

The YeshivaCamp follows in the footsteps of Online Cheder’s year-round program and offers the same dedication to each talmid, in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. Email [email protected] and arrange a time to speak, call/leave a message at (917) 830-3364 or visit us at Call us today to see what we can do together for your child.

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