Cheder Ohr Menachem Joyfully Celebrates Hey Teves

This Sunday, Hey Teveis, Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights was buzzing from the moment the students arrived until they went home at the end of the day.

This Sunday, Hey Teveis, Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights was buzzing from the very first moment.

As Talmidim arrived in the morning they were greeted by the Vice Principal Rabbi Yossi Overlander with a joyous rendition of “Didan Notzach” for boys to sing and dance along at line-up.

Festivities began with fervor and excitement as talmidim, melamdim and staff joined in the lunchroom for a special Hey Teves assembly. Boys participated in the discussion and menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz led an inspiring Farbrengen. “‘Der Rebbe un di seforim zainen eintz” (the Rebbe and the Seforim are one) is not just a slogan, it is what the Rebbe demands us Chassidim to live up to,” he told the students. “We should become one with the sugya at hand! When we fully connect with the Torah we learn, Limud HaTorah becomes the force of our life.”

The kinus culminated with the menahel distributing talmidei hachodesh awards. Then melamdim and the chosen talmidim joined for a group photo. Boys then received tzedaka, with a special treat and headed to class charged with enthusiasm as the students.

The next highlight awaited them at lunch. A special seuda was organized by Rabbi Yossi Overlander. The lunchroom echoed with live music after which spontaneous dancing broke out. An atmosphere of pure simcha.

After lunch was the highlight of Hey Teveis: The amazing seforim fair. Expertly managed by a special vendor, the fair featured hundreds of Limud Seforim and reading books. Ranging from sifrei yesod, sifrei eizer, sipurei tzadikim and chassidim. The Rebbe’s powerful hora’ah goes such a long way in providing students the valuable opportunity to explore and enhance their personal ‘bayis malei seforim‘ libraries. with powerful access to a wealth of knowledge.

The older kitos were treated to a visit to the Chabad Library which is at the heart of the Yom Tov. Rabbi Yusewitz led the tour after which they joined mincha at 770. The koch in learning and buying seforim coupled with seeing the kesovim and chafotzim of Raboseinu Nesiainu at the library added so much to their limud and hiskashrus, embodying the essence of Hey Teves.

Cheder concluded with talmidim heading home to share the indelible mark with their families, the extended Ohr Menachem mishpocha.

Cheder gave a special thanks to Rabbi Velly Karp of Yeshiva Oholei Torah for the special Seforim sale catalog, giving the kinderlach so many unique buying opportunities.

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