Cheder Menachem Los Angeles Welcomes Students for 30th Time

As Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles entered its 30th year, they welcomed the students back to school joyous music and a Shnas Hakhel Welcome Back Sign, complete with every student’s name.

Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles has entered its 30th year. Shloshim L’Koach, 30 years of strength and going from strength to strength as Cheder Menachem launched Shnas Hakhel with a record of close to 400 students. 

The Rebbe’s emphasis on a Shnas Hakhel was felt from the very start as students walked up to the now legendary Cheder Menachem first day welcome red carpet. The welcome included joyous music and a Shnas Hakhel Welcome Back Sign, complete with every student’s name. This is in keeping with the Rebbe’s instructions to welcome students back to school in a festive manner. 

An added touch for Shnas Hakehl, Students received from Rabbi Greenbaum, Rabbi Blasberg, Rabbi Wolowik, Rabbi Shapiro, Mrs. Blauner, and PTA volunteer mothers pencil pouch items that allowed the students to “gather” their supplies into their own personalized pencil pouches. In addition, students received their first Rebbe card from this year’s set to begin the year with a headstart on their Rebbe card collection.   

The sight of new trailer classrooms greeted new students as Cheder manages its growth while gearing up to build its new campus. Students also met an ever-growing stream of new faculty to develop academically and emotionally bgashmius uvruchnius the growing of talmidim. 

Department principals have thought out many curricula innovations, from social-emotional curriculum to developing middos to hasten the coming of Moshiach.

Cheder Menachem’s continued growth is a testament to the Brochos of the Aibishter and the Rebbe and the growth-minded relationship of parents, faculty, administration, and board members to strive for the absolute best in Chabad Chinuch. 

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