Cheder Lubavitch Arizona Searching for Head of School

The rapidly growing Cheder Lubavitch of Arizona, which ballooned from just 5 students in 5773 to 130 students this year, is searching for a leader who will bring the Cheder into a new era as a full-fledged, professionally run school.

Cheder Lubavitch Arizona was formed in 5773 (2013) by a group of parents wanting a Chassidish, Chabad education for their children, under the auspicious of Chabad of Arizona.

The school in Phoenix started with just 5 students and has rapidly expanded both the student body (130 children!) and the facilities to accommodate this demand.

About half of the school is made up of Lubavitch/Anash families (including a growing percentage of mekuravim families) and the other half of the school are children of shluchim. The Cheder prioritizes Limudei Kodesh and Darchai HaChassidis, while also having a solid general studies curriculum. The Cheder strives to be an educational environment with small-sized classes and devoted staff who are dedicated to infusing the values of Chassidus on each child according to their level.

The Chabad Mosdos in the greater Phoenix area provide a rich Chassidish and Jewish living opportunity. In addition to the Cheder, Chabad Mosdos include a preschool, girls High School and Mesivta. There are 4 kosher restaurants and plenty of access to Kosher and Cholov Yisroel items.

Chabad of Arizona, which also serves as the school campus, is the hub of a growing Anash community. Housing in the general area of the school can range from $500,000- $700,000 for a 3-bedroom home with a large yard and pool. Arizona has a school voucher program that greatly offsets tuition for grades Kindergarten through High School.

Over the years, the school has been led by dedicated principals and a volunteer Vaad of parents and has amassed a great team of teachers and administration. Now, we seek a leader who will bring the Cheder into a new era as a full-fledged, professionally run school.

The Head of School/Judaic Principal will have the responsibility for and oversee all matters related to Chinuch, management and oversight in the school. The Head of School will be a role model of the school’s core values and be seen as a leader within the Chabad community.

The Head of School/ Judaic Principal has the following responsibilities:

-Ensure that everything in the Cheder conforms to Halacha and the Rebbe’s view of Chinuch.
-Initially, oversee all elements of the Limudei Kodesh curriculum and staff.
-Initially, lead an existing executive and administrative staff of general studies principal, student support services, and programming director.
-Determine and implement processes for the student experience b’ruchniyus and b’gashmius.
-Create an inspirational and collaborative learning environment.
-Mentor and support the professional growth and development of all faculty and employees.
-Promote the school within the greater Phoenix community and to prospective students.
-Work hand-in-hand with the Vaad to ensure that the school is staying on budget and has the funding it needs.
-Report to the Vaad at regular intervals on educational achievements, current goals, and progress.
-Utilize the Vaad to access financial resources that can grow the school and for consultation about navigating the community and parent body.
-Long-term, form and support an executive team as the Head of School sees fit which may include a Judaic principal, department heads, business manager etc.

Candidate Profile:
You are an experienced and passionate Chassidishe educator with:
-Minimum 2 years of administrative experience in a Chabad Cheder or Jewish Day school setting.
-Minimum 5 years in Chinuch including teaching experience in a classroom setting.
-Knowledge of best practices in the field of education.
-Ability to communicate clearly and inspirationally to students, staff and community members.
-The ability to lead an executive team with multiple departments.
-The ability and drive to self-start and pursue excellence.
-Highly competitive Salary.
-This role will be an officially recognized Shlichus under Chabad of Arizona and Merkos L’Inyonie Chinuch.

To apply for the position, please go to to upload a resume and cover letter. For more information, please contact a member of the search committee Rabbi Shimi Ash at [email protected]

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