Cheder Chabad of Baltimore Welcomes Their Upsherenish Boys

To celebrate the special day of Chof Cheshvan, and the Rebbe Rashab’s establishment of Tomchei Temimim, Cheder Chabad of Baltimore hosted a communal areinfirnish, a hachnasa l’cheder.

Many families in the school, and Anash at large, took advantage of the special day to introduce their young sons to the sweetness of learning Torah. Led by Rabbi Dovid Leib Wilansky, the kindergan rebbi, whose father did the same for countless young boys in Montreal, each father read the Alef Beis with his son.

Rabbi Boruch Feldman, a proud father of one of the areinfernish boys, and a recent addition to the Cheder family and the Baltimore Anash community, began the auspicious proceedings by reading the Rebbe’s letter. 

While their siblings and parents looked on with nachas, the tallis-wrapped young boys searched for the familiar letters of the Alef Beis in the Shaar Hablatt, and repeated the first pasuk of Devarim after their future rebbi, as candies from Malach Michoel rained down on their heads.

The PTA of Cheder Chabad, led by Mrs. Ruti Rosenbloom, Mrs. Chana Wolosow, and Mrs. Chaya Chazan, organized the event, and decorated the room festively.

“It was such a beautiful event that really brought the community together,” says Rabbi Elchonon Chaikin, CEO of Cheder Chabad and father to one of the areinfirnish boys. “It meant so much to celebrate this special occasion with our extended Baltimore family.”

The united school spirit carries on, as Cheder Chabad launches their fundraising event of the year. School families will come together to raise $500K to provide critical support for the Cheder, and to come together as a community to achieve something extraordinary for their children’s education and future.

“When we join together as a team, every dollar becomes so much more meaningful,” says Mrs. Shoshana Berelowitz, executive assistant. “It’s not just about raising money; it’s about building a future for our children, our families, and our community.”

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