Chazan Yehoshua Danow, AH

Chazan Yehoshua Danow, who served as chazan in various communities throughout Europe and spread the Rebbe’s message to many, passed away on Thursday. 2 Teves, 5784.

Chazan Yehoshua Danow of France, passed away on Thursday 2 Teves at the age of 81.

He served as Chazan in various communities throughout Europe and spread the Rebbe’s message to many.

Together with his wife Bleina Perel Danow a”h, who passed away less than two months ago, they were active in the communities where they lived: in Lausanne (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Leeds (England), Köln (Germany), Nice, Paris and Montrouge (France).

He issurvived by his children: Mrs. Chava Mimoun (shlucha to Montrouge, France), Rabbi Michoel Danow, (Shliach to Leeds University Campus), Rabbi Reuven Danow, (Shliach in the 3rd District in Paris) and Rabbi Mendy Danow (Shliach to the 2nd district in Paris), and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He was buried this past Friday morning in Eretz Yisroel.

The family is sitting Shiva in Montrouge, France which will end on Thursday morning 9 Teves after Shacharis.

He left generations of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, who are Shluchim and Chassidim of the Rebbe.

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