Chazan Releases Yom Tov Niggun Just in Time

As Chol Hamoed begins, Chazan Dovid Caytak released a rendition of the Rebbe’s niggun ‘Ata V’chartanu’ sung on each day of Pesach.

Ata V’chartanu was taught by the Rebbe in 5721 on Simchas Torah after Hakafos. 

The Rebbe explained that first part of the niggun corresponds to Tzaddikim and the second, to Baalei Tshuva. Each part of the Niggun is higher than the preceding part with the highest being ושמך הגדול והקדוש עלינו קראת.

Vocals by Dovid Caytak

Produced and arranged by Elor Welner

Saxophone by Meir Welner

To hear on YouTube:

YouTube player



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