Chassidus For Kids Curriculum Available Online

Chassidus for Kids, founded by Mushka Blau, provides a curriculum to teach Chassidus to children aged 6-10 years old, with beautiful songs, eye-catching powerpoints, and interactive worksheets and games to go along with the learning.

Coming from the special day of Yud Tes Kislev, Rosh Hashanah L’chassidus, Chassidus for Kids is excited to announce that a folder has been created with all our files! The folder includes all PowerPoints, worksheets and songs that have been shared over the past two years. 

‘Chassidus for Kids’ was founded by Mushka Blau, a teacher at the Shluchim Online School. She has been in chinuch for over 10 years. She started sharing a complete Sicha curriculum via email and Whatsapp, Free of Charge, to inspire today’s youth with the light of Torah and Chassidus.

With the many challenges children face today, Chassidus learning is needed more than ever! Chassidus gives children purpose, feeds their thirsty Neshamos and helps them to welcome Geulah into the world and into their personal lives.

The files we share on a weekly blast include a weekly sicha expanded on in worksheet and Powerpoint. There is also a beautiful music song track courtesy of Morah F. Blau. The interactive curriculum files come along with guided notes for parents and teachers who are teaching the curriculum in addition to a weekly game connected to the Sicha! 

The curriculum is enjoyed by children from Grades 1- 3 and beyond.

Chassidus for Kids gives hope to us parents who want to raise our children as true Chassidim, starting from their younger years. The curriculum encourages the children to take on a Hachalata for the week, with a weekly mission sheet, helping them “live with the times”, לעבן מיט דער צייט.

Gain access to the complete Google Drive folder with a donation of $18 or more to Chassidus for Kids. 

To gain access to the complete folder:

1) Send a donation of $18 or more via Zelle/PayPal to [email protected]

2) Send an email to [email protected]to confirm payment and request access.

All donations will be used to bring ‘Chassidus for Kids’ to the next level and Bez”H help bring about the revelation of Moshiach Now!

You can also join the list to receive the weekly blasts Free of Charge.

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