Chassidus Course Unveiled In Honor Of Reb Yoel’s 2nd Yartzeit

A novel Chassidus course has been launched, aiming to make the most fundamental concepts in Chassidus accessible to all.

As chassidei Chabad, Chassidus is our most prized possession. Generations of chassidim toiled to understand, contemplate and implement its teachings. But understanding Chassidus properly takes time, and in the fast-paced world we live in, staying committed outside a structured yeshiva environment can be a daunting challenge.

Furthermore, Chassidus itself presents abstract concepts that, without proper guidance, can feel as if they’re beyond our grasp. Atzmus and sovev, achdus Hashem and seder hishtalshelus, the phrases quoted in every Ma’amer are familiar to all, yet truly understood by few. 

In honor of the 2nd Yartzeit of Reb Yoel Kahn, the chief chozer of the Rebbe and teacher of Chassidus to a generation, a revolutionary five-week course has been launched. Led by Rabbi Hertzel Pewzner, Mashpia in Tomchei Temimim Morristown and co-author of “The Basics of Chassidus,” and moderated by Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, mashpia in 770 and director of Sichos in English, this Chassidus program offers a unique opportunity to delve into the essential concepts of Chassidus.

Each class will feature a thorough and easy-to-follow presentation of various yesodos of Chassidus. Course materials include a specially tailored collection of primary selections of maamarim and sichos along with excerpts of the forthcoming volume of “The Basics of Chassidus”, released exclusively to course participants. With these resources in hand, participants will be able to expand this study on a personal basis as well. 

Through clear and engaging shiurim and a dedicated system for addressing inquiries along the way, participants are sure to walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chassidus.

This all-men course will take place online, allowing participants from around the world to join. Classes will be held on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 EDT, starting Vov Menachem Av (July 24), concluding Daled Elul (August 21).

As space is limited, early registration is encouraged to secure a spot. To register and for more information, please click this link:

Participants who register by Tuesday, 29 Tammuz, July 18, will enjoy an early bird discount.

For questions or comments please WhatsApp 347-915-3353 or email [email protected].

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