Chassidus Club Concludes Year on High Note

Hundreds of young Shluchim gathered virtually to mark a year of fun and learning at the grand finale of MyShliach’s weekly Chassidus Club program.

By: Zelig Katzman

Hundreds of young Shluchim gathered virtually to mark a year of fun and learning at the grand finale of MyShliach’s weekly Chassidus Club program.

As the school year came to an end and children around the world got ready to pursue their summer plans, a special gathering was held for the hundreds of young Shluchim who participated in this year’s Chassidus Club. Held for two hours every Sunday, Chassidus Club is a special opportunity for these children to engage with their peers from around the world and have lots of fun while learning valuable lessons about what it means to be a Chassid. The grand finale was marked by a special video that summarized their journey. Replete with children sharing their favorite parts of the experience and sharing highlights of the various activities, it also paid tribute to the small yet dedicated cadre of teachers who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this program.

Originally conceived as an antidote to the prevalent loneliness and isolation at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, this MyShliach program has morphed into a powerful tool to educate, uplift and inspire the hundreds of children who log onto these weekly meetings. Its goal continues to be inculcating the Rebbe’s children with a wholesome Chassidishe Chinuch and encouraging them in their Shlichus in an environment suffused with fun and friendship.

The program always begins with the daily Hayom Yom and a vort of the Rebbe on that week’s parsha, highlighting the primacy of the Rebbe’s words in the life of a Chossid. The rest of the program might include a farbrengen about any upcoming yemei de’pagra and always concludes with a fun project and game that reflects the lessons of that day. Whether an art project or a guest appearance, it underscores the messages that are taught in a fun and engaging manner. For instance, when they learned the story of the meraglim related in Parshas Shelach, the children learned how to make invisible ink to spark their imagination about the intriguing mission of a spy, and in anticipation of Shavuos, they learned how to make their own ice cream. 

Staffed by dedicated and qualified teachers, the lessons are well-planned and created to engage every child on their level. The children are also encouraged to cultivate friendships with their fellow young Shluchim in the warm atmosphere. The bonds formed here are powerful as the children engage in joint activities infused by a common purpose.

The impact of this program is readily apparent, as one parent shared, “My daughter really really enjoys Chassidus Club. She enjoys socializing and looks forward to the weekly content, and it’s really a lifeline for her to have this even though she goes to school”. Another parent commented on the program’s format “I’m always amazed at the weekly emails, how much goes into each week. The learning and activities are creative and just so great!”

Some of the other events held this year include a special Chanukah Hakhel rally with almost 400 kids in attendance. For Yud Alef Nissan, each grade memorized lines of Tanya and were rewarded with a live tour of Mivtzah Tank in Crown Heights. The Chassidus Club Lag Baomer event featured a virtual bonfire as the children made s’mores and partook in a farbrengen. This is but a glimpse into the weekly bundle of fun and excitement that is Chassidus Club.

“The success of this program is a testament to the commitment of the Young Shluchim, dedicating their free time to meaningful endeavors,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “We hope that the continued success of this initiative will empower the next generation of Shluchim to fulfill their mission with pride and a sense of camaraderie.”


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