Chassidishe Treasures Abound on WhatsApp

Virtually every day, new treasures from the Rebbe and chassidim are being released to the public. A group of bochurim set out to make sure that you can get every single one on your phone right when it comes out.

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Virtually every day, new treasures from the Rebbe and chassidim are being released to the public. With teshuros, booklets, kovtzei ha’oros and virtual releases being published on a regular basis, hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a new and exciting chassidishe treasure.

Seeing the immense wealth of the Rebbe’s Torah and Chabad history being publicized, and noticing how many people simply don’t know about it, a group of bochurim set out to fix that.

The solution was simple: Create a WhatsApp group where all these treasures will be posted. Thus, every new ksva yad, picture, video, yoman, etc., will arrive directly on your phone as soon as it is published.

“The amount of new giluyim is mind-boggling,” said one of the bochurim behind the idea. “It is, as described in bosi legani, bizbuz ha’otzaros – treasures being squandered!”

To illustrate the point, the bochurim made a partial list of what was newly published just in the month of Nissan:

  1. Approximately 14 letters and answers from the Rebbe, some in the Rebbe’s own handwriting (by Va’ad Hanachos BeLahak, and others).
  2. Historic letters from Reb Yoel Kahan documenting the month of Adar by the Rebbe from 5 different years (by RebbeDrive).
  3. Excerpts from the Yechidus with members of the Machne Yisroel Development Fund of Adar 5747 (by Machon Toras Moshiach).
  4. Mementos from various Chabad Simchas, which included many treasures (letters, answers, photos, stories and more) released for the very first time.
  5. Two photo galleries from the month of Nissan with the Rebbe, as well as several videos of dollars, Kos Shel Bracha, Farbrengens and other events from Nissan (by RebbeDrive).
  6. Videos of the Farbrengens of Yud-Alef Nissan 5737 and 5740, as well as several other clips from the month of Nissan (by Jem.Tv).
  7. Several additional short video clips from various occasions.
  8. Several answers from the Rebbe, most in the Rebbe’s own handwriting (in the Beis Moshiach magazine), as well as photos of various handwritten notes by the Rebbe.
  9. New audio clips from Farbrengens and Yechidus (by
  10. Several letters documenting Nissan by the Rebbe in the year 5748 (by Machon Toras Moshiach).
  11. “Likkut Ma’anos Kodesh – Milu’im, Vol. 2” — collecting hundreds of answers written by the Rebbe throughout the years 5740-5752, including over 150 of which were released therein for the first time (along with several handwritten answers).
  12. Photos of various documents with the Rebbe’s handwriting (by Kovetz Ha’oros in the Rebbe’s Torah).
  13. Various English letters from the Rebbe (in Kovetz Ha’oros of various Yeshivos).
  14. Photos of the Rebbe’s handwritten edits on various Sichos (by RebbeDrive, Va’ad Chayolei Beis Dovid, and others).
  15. A series of publications including many letters and answers from the Rebbe (some in the Rebbe’s handwriting), diaries documenting the month of Nissan from various years, as well as several beautiful collections and reviews on different topics (by Va’ad Chayolei Beis Dovid).

And many other amazing treasures – too many to count…

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