Chassidishe Baal Habayis Has New Haven Mesivta Muttering

The vision of a chassidishe ba’al habayis, combined with the ambition of the bochurim of Yeshivas Beis Dovid Shlomo, resulted in 50 bochurim mastering 3 perokim of Tanya ba’al peh.

By A Shliach to New Haven Mesivta

Bochurim in the New Haven Mesivta muttering to themselves. In the hallways, in Walgreens, on the way to mikvah…

No, Apple didn’t come out with a new brand of wireless earbuds, the bochurim are chazzering Tanya baal peh!

2 months earlier, a chassidishe baal habayis had a vision that bochurim should walk down the street saying words of Tanya baal peh. When he brought up the idea to the New Haven shluchim they loved it and put it into action.

Over 50 bochurim of New Haven Mesivta have mastered 3 prokim of Tanya (perek 26-28 – 6 pages!) by-heart over the course of 6 weeks (4 lines a day!).

Every day, the dedicated shluchim devoted their time to helping the bochurim memorize Tanya, then testing them on that days lines.

We are sure that the bochurim’s incredible accomplishments have brought the Rebbe tremendous nachas ruach, and will be a true matanah to the Rebbe for his 120th birthday!

The bochurim were rewarded for their efforts with an outstanding overnight skiing trip in Vermont!

In addition, each bochur received $25 towards seforim per perek, and the class with the most participation (shiur gimmel) enjoyed an extravagant steak BBQ!

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