Chanukah Experience Will Last Long After the Menorah is Put Away

Bochurim volunteers for the Released Time of HLA (Hebrew Language Academy,) a public school in Mill Basin, NY, prepared an entire Chanukah Experience for twenty Jewish children, ensuring that the spirit of the yom tov would remain with them long after it concluded.

To most people, numbers matter a lot.

It is easy to volunteer and work hard when you know that your work is impacting hundreds or thousands of individuals.
The bochrim who volunteer for Released Time programming invest countless hours — they prepare, shop, plan, shlep on buses and trains and give so much of themselves – to teach one child.

Literally one child. And yes, another child is welcome too — all children are welcome!

But it’s all about giving one child, one meaningful Jewish experience.

This year, at the Released Time of HLA (Hebrew Language Academy,) a public school in Mill Basin, NY, the Bochurim volunteers prepared an entire Chanukah Experience for twenty Jewish children! (this event was one of many, arranged by bochurim in Public Schools across the entire Brooklyn) This was an event that was planned for weeks – and every child will remember it for the rest of their lives.

The program began with the routine davening, followed by lighting the Menorah.

‎After that, the children made their way to a room they filled with different “booths” of engaging Chanukah activities.

Traditional Chanukah music mixed with children’s laughter filled the air as the girls and boys decorated doughnuts with choices of icing and a variety of toppings.

At the next booth, a bochur presented a live olive-oil demonstration with an authentic, ancient-styled olive press! The children were mesmerized by the process and enjoyed having their own chance to actually press the olives. Discovering the process of olive making made the miracle of Chanukah come alive with an entirely new level of understanding. To top it all off, there was another booth where children had the experience of a real candle factory. They got to make their own candles, by dipping real wicks into a container of wax repeatedly, until they formed them into candles.

“A grateful thanks goes to all the dedicated bochurim of HLA Released Time and to those who made this event possible,” organizers said.

“The funding provided from the Released Time office went a long way, yet the event was so full; it required more funding. Huge thanks to the individuals who took this event over the top: Aron Moshe, Rabbi Leib and Chaim.

“Last but not least, a very special thanks to the most amazing students‎ and their parents of the HLA Released Time!

“The Chanuka lights have flickered their last glow, but the warmth of the experience, and the Torah that was learned, will last forever,” they said.

The event was photographed as a courtesy by one of the HLA Released Time parents: ‎
Dina Raketa
[email protected]

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