Chanukah Celebration Will Feature Music, Art and Cooking

A virtual Chanukah celebration created by Merkos 302 will feature presenters of all backgrounds will be sharing personal accounts and displaying their unique talents.

This Chanukah, Shluchim Will Take Their Communities On A Journey “Beyond The Flame” – A Unique Virtual Event

‘Beyond The Flame’, a virtual Chanukah celebration with music, art, cooking, and performances that will touch the heart, is sure to give Chabad Houses worldwide a virtual Chanukah experience like no other. 

Presenters of all backgrounds will be sharing personal accounts and displaying their unique talents, which will surely enthrall viewers of all ages.

The program is inspired by one of the central lessons of Chanukah: Unity.

The eight branches of the Menorah represent the diversity of the Jewish people; yet at our source we are all one, just as the eight branches stem from one central place.

Along this theme, the program will feature eight presenters, each from a unique background with varied, and extraordinary life experiences. Passionate words, beautiful songs, creative art, and delicious cooking will convey this message of Chanukah and remind one and all that at our core, we are all one.

Each presentation will be connected to an element of the Menorah – the flame, candles, or placement. These three aspects of the Menorah are intrinsically intertwined with elements of Moshiach, and will inspire all participants with the immense wisdom and insight that the Menorah contains.

We are excited to introduce our presenters:

  • Ambassador Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States
  • Rabbi YY Jacobson, Lecturer 
  • Nissim Black, Musical Artist
  • Chanie Apfelbaum, Food Writer and Blogger
  • Yitzchok Moully, Chasidic Pop Artist
  • Tamir Goodman, Former Israeli Professional Basketball Player
  • Avivah Jablons, a CKids member
  • And for a personal touch – a community member!

Merkos 302 has worked tirelessly to provide this professional and entertaining program for Shluchim free of charge.

To sign up your community follow this link:

The excitement, joy, and lessons of Chanukah are much brighter when you travel “Beyond The Flame”!

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