‘Chanuka on the Parkway’ was a Celebration of Community

Crown Heights families gathered for an evening of joy, togetherness, and the timeless spirit of Chanuka at the “Chanuka on the Parkway” menorah lighting hosted by the JCM.

Photos: Shalom Carroll/Anash.org

Residents of the Crown Heights community gathered on the final night of Chanuka to celebrate “Chanuka on the Parkway” at the Jewish Children’s Museum.

The heartwarming celebration was a delightful blend of, achdus, and jubilation, commemorating the miracles of Chanukah past and present.

Children and adults united in teffilah for the enduring safety and blessings upon Eretz Yisroel. Celebrants indulged their senses with the irresistible aroma and taste of freshly made donuts and the delightful crunch of chocolate gelt. These cherished treats filled the air with the sweetness of the festival, serving as a reminder of the joy and miracles inherent to Chanuka.

The highlight of the night—the lighting of the menorah. Participants witness the glow of the candles as they were kindled one by one, symbolizing hope, resilience, and the triumph of light over darkness. The warmth of these flames will chase away the darkness of the Golus to bring Moshiach closer.

Gifts were generously shared among attendees, delighting in some Chanukah activities, spreading happiness, and leaving a lasting impression on this community gathering.

Chanukah on the Parkway was a celebration of community and the strength found in unity. Families and friends gathered for an evening of joy, togetherness, and the timeless spirit of Chanukah. Creating unforgettable memories as we honored ancient miracles and embrace the blessings of today!

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