Chalukas Hashas, Chabad Philosophy, and Mivtzoim at Monsey Farbrengen

The Monsey community gathered together on Motzei Shabbos for a grand Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen where they divided the Shas, were inspired by community leaders, and strengthened their commitment to go on mivtzoim.

In the heart of Monsey, a Motzei Shabbos Farbrengen led by Rabbi Boruch Lesches unfolded into a night of inspiration and introspection, focusing on the essence of Chabad philosophy and the imperative of chalukas Hashas.

The evening commenced with Rabbi Lesches passionately highlighting the significance of chalukas Hashas, urging everyone to participate in the local chaluka. He emphasized how communal Torah study creates a bond of unity among the participants, fostering a strong foundation for the community.

The featured guest, Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, the Head Shliach of Maryland, delved into the roots of Chabad philosophy. He traced its foundation to the Magid’s approach, emphasizing the central focus on Chabad. This approach, combined with the Alter Rebbe’s father’s emphasis on self-sufficiency, forms the bedrock of Chabad philosophy.

Rabbi Kaplan expounded on the Shluchim sent by the Alter Rebbe from Liozna to Russia, underscoring the communities that blossomed from their dedicated efforts. Celebrating the Chag Hageulah of the Alter Rebbe, the Farbrengen united Anash communities from surrounding Monsey areas, with 400 people in attendance.

Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz, a prominent mechanech from Monsey, added a compelling note, stressing the importance of investing in our spiritual growth as the foundation of Chassidus. His words echoed a call to prioritize personal development, emphasizing that our spiritual investment enriches the very essence of Chassidus.

As the night continued, the Farbrengen shifted its focus to ma’ase b’poel, urging practical action and increased involvement in mivtzoiim. Rabbi Levi Teichtel, a mashpia in the Monsey Mesivta and a dedicated advocate for local mivtzoiim, addressed the crowd. He offered insights on how anash can play a more active role in community initiatives, providing specific routes for participation in the upcoming Chanukah mivtzoiim.

Mr. Sholom Rabin, one of the organizers, shared his perspective with, stating, “the people who came were so engaged it reminded him of the old school farbrengens described in Russia, a very special moment for all.”

For those eager to contribute, Rabbi Teichtel extended an invitation to contact directly or fill out a form, facilitating a seamless process for those interested in making a positive impact.

Monsey’s Motzei Shabbos farbrengen became a night of unity, Torah reflection, and a call to action, reminding Anash of the core principles of Chabad philosophy, the importance of communal engagement, and the necessity to invest in our spiritual growth for the foundation of Chassidus.

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