Chabad’s Instrumental Role in Hostages’ Miraculous Rescue

Two of the hostages’ families that were rescued on Shabbos, Noa Argaman and Almog Meir Jan, had powerful stories with shluchim leading up to their miraculous rescue.

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Amazing circumstances led up to the miraculous rescue mission this past Shabbos, in which four Jewish hostages held in apartment buildings in Gaza were located, extracted, and brought home safely. Two of the hostages’ families have shared the stories they have with shluchim who took the time to bring them to the Ohel, write letters to the Rebbe, give them chizuk, and check their tefillin and mezuzos in the zechus of their safe return.

Mr. Yaakov Argaman, father of the kidnapped Noa Argaman, received a dollar from the Rebbe for her on Lag B’Omer at the Chabad House in Neot Afeka, Tel Aviv, under the leadership of shliach Rabbi Ido Rahav. The dollar was donated by a person in the US and was given to him by the shliach Rabbi Mendy Altbaum. B’hashgacha pratis, the dollar was originally received from the Rebbe on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, the month when the rescue operation was green-lit.

Another hostage that had a strong connection with their Shluchim and experienced miracles, is the family of Almog Meir. Shluchim Rabbi Menachem Friedman, along with his wife have recently been accompanying the Meir family, whose son was kidnapped to Gaza as well. The shluchim shared that they had Almog’s tefillin checked and fixed, and then given to many Yidden to lay in honor of Almog’s safe return.

When the shluchim heard of the rescue, they were overjoyed to receive the news of the release. Immediately after the kidnapping, Rabbi Friedman went to the family’s home and took the mezuzos and tefillin for inspection. In the initial inspection, the mezuzah in his room was found upside down, and the tefillin were checked and repaired by a sofer.

Mrs. Friedman wrote to the Rebbe along with Almog’s mother, requesting a bracha for his release, and received a special letter in the Igros Kodesh. In the letter they read, the Rebbe wrote the well-known saying, ‘Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut,’ that when a person thinks of good news, they will hear good news. Rebbetzin Friedman explained to Almog’s mother the meaning of the saying and clarified to her the importance of bitachon.

Both of these stories give a beacon of hope to those still waiting for the safe return of their family members and friends still held hostage, may we hear about the immediate release and safety of Am Yisroel immediately.

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