Chabad Rabbi Awarded Australia’s Highest Honor

Rabbi Yaakov Glasman, prominent Melbourne Chabad Rabbi, was honored by the Australian Government with the prestigious Member of the Order of Australia, the country’s highest civilian honor.

A prominent Melbourne Chabad Rabbi has been honored by the Australian Government with the prestigious Member of the Order of Australia, the highest non-military honor system in the country for the general population.

Rabbi Yaakov Glasman is the Senior Rabbi of the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation, one of Australia’s largest Shules with 1500 member families and is the President of the Rabbinical Association of Australasia.

“It’s deeply humbling to be recognized with this award” Rabbi Yaakov Glasman told the media, “It certainly makes me feel like the work I have done and will continue to do has made and will continue to make a difference in the community. It’s a very human trait to want to be acknowledged and appreciated so for me this is obviously a very affirming experience. I am extremely grateful to my Rebbetzin Sara who has been an amazing support for me in my work and who, in addition to her own incredible contribution to our beloved St Kilda Shule, has supported me throughout my Rabbinic career even when my various roles demanded more of my time than would reasonably be expected.”

“Australia welcomed all four of my grandparents who were all Holocaust survivors so for that same country to recognize me for the work I have done in giving back to the community is very moving. I feel in a sense that I owe a debt to Australia for the kindness it showed to those in my family who came before me. I am a proud Australian and to have been acknowledged within the Order of Australia is incredibly uplifting.

“The Rebbe inspired us towards outreach and as a Chabad Rabbi I feel obligated to utilize my various roles to be a positive ambassador for the Jewish community. I am therefore hopeful that the post-nominals I now have will be a source of goodwill for the Jewish community and will reflect positively on the Jewish faith in the eyes of those with whom I engage in the future” Rabbi Glasman said.

The official Order of Australia honours website cites the following communal contributions:

Rabbi Yaakov GLASMAN, St Kilda East VIC 3183
For significant service to Judaism and interfaith dialogue, to rabbinical bodies, and to the community.

Rabbinical Association of Australasia 
President, current.
Rabbinical Council of Australia and New Zealand
President, 2016-2017.
Former Executive Member.

Rabbinical Council of Victoria
President, 2009-2012.
Executive Member, 2005-2008.
Member, current.

St Kilda Hebrew Congregation
Senior Rabbi, since 2011.
Other Service
Senior Rabbi, North Eastern Jewish War Memorial Centre, 2005-2011.
Lecturer and Mentor, Ohel Chana Ladies Seminary, since 2003.
Community Partner, White Ribbon Australia, current and former Ambassador.
Speaker, various Interfaith Groups, since 2005.
Ambassador, Unchain My Heart, since 2017.

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