Chabad Mohalim Given Tefillin for Unique Mivtzoim Opportunities

After Chabad mohalim pledged to utilize the spiritually charged moments of the bris milah for mivtza tefillin, tens of pairs of tefillin were sent to them to assist them in their mission.

At this year’s Shnas Hakhel Kinus for Mohelim, which takes place each year parallel to the Kinus Hashluchim, the unique aspects of being a Chabad mohel were discussed 

Rabbi Levi Heber, a veteran Mohel and director of the International Bris Association, emphasized that a Chabad Mohel utilizes the spiritually charged and emotional celebration of a bris to assist the unaffiliated present with putting on Tefillin. At times, this includes the father, Sandak, friends, and family. Often, it is their first time putting on Tefillin. The mohel also seizes the opportunity to afix a mezuzh, discuss Shabbos candles with the new mother, etc. 

For many parents, the bris experience is actually a spiritual turning point, with a greater commitment to a Jewish way of life. 

At the Kinus, Rabbi Yochanan Kline, a veteran Mohel and director of Healing Hearts Bikur Cholim FL, offered the mohelim present a pair of Tefillin for those committing to using it at their bris events. 

Baruch Hashem, in honor of Yud Alef Nissan and as a gift to the Rebbe and a commitment to his work, the first batch of Tefillins are ready to be shipped to the many mohelim that have applied.

Chabad mohelim worldwide have expressed their excitement and are extremely grateful to Rabbi Yochanan Kline for this project. May this be an everlasting zchus for him and his family. May he be blessed with health and many years of success in his holy work as a mohel and on Shlichus.

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