Chabad Kollel Marks Yahrzeit of the Ben Ish Chai

80 men gathered at the Chabad Kollel of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to mark the yahrzeit of the Ben Ish Chai by studying his entire sefer and holding a hilula event. 

Members of the Lubavitcher Kollel ‘Ohel Yosef Moshe’ of Buenos Aires, Argentina, joined with local community members for an event marking the yahrzeit of the Ben Ish Chai.

Kollel ‘Ohel Yosef Moshe’, was founded by philanthropist R’ Chaim Eliezer Lapidus, and headed by Rosh Kollel Rabbi Chanania Yosef Aisenbach until his passing. Rabbi Baruch Sholom Lapidus serves as the menahel of the Kollel.

Chacham Yosef Chaim (1832-1909), known as the Ben Ish Chai after his main work, was a highly-revered Torah scholar and master of Kabbalah. Based in Baghdad, Iraq, he was recognized by the Sephardic community both locally and abroad as an eminent Halachic authority. His work, the Ben Ish Chai, is a standard reference in many Sephardic homes, functioning as “a Sephardic Kitzur Shulchan Aruch,” and is widely studied in Sephardi yeshivot. 

The event in Buenos Aires began with the study of the Sefer Ben Ish Chai, divided among the 80 participants. Each one studied and different section, and collectively, the entire work was completed.

They then continued with a hilula event combined with a ‘leil shishi‘ farbrengen, complete with challah, cholent, and other Shabbos foods.

The evening was sponsored l’ilui nishmas Shaia Charl ben Lea Leila, sponsored by his son, in honor of his yahrzeit of 20 Elul.

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