Chabad in a Theatre?!

A Note from the Rebbe: A fundraising idea with great potential was presented to the Rebbe; the location, however, was a deal breaker. 

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For Frum Yidden, the theater represents deep impurity, beyond the practical issurim involved in the specific presentations shown there. For this reason, many make a point of not stepping under the roof or overhang of the theater, even crossing the street to avoid it if necessary.

The owner of a well known theater in Manhattan, who was close to Chabad, offered to allow the space to be used for Chabad events at no charge. He also offered to produce events hosted there and to help in any way possible. 

An idea for a fundraising concert to be held at the theater the week before Yud Alef Nissan was presented to the Rebbe. The goal would be to raise money for the broadcasting of farbrengens. It was expected that the event would bring in as much as $60,000.

The Rebbe vetoed the idea, writing:

Not to do this event in connection with Yud Aleph Nissan, because, as is obvious, Chabad has no business in theaters, or in providing publicity for individuals, regardless of who they may be. Chabad’s business is exclusively spreading Yidishkeit, Torah and Mitzvos.

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