Chabad Hebrew Schools Launch Year with Innovative Curriculum

With Super Jew capes flying in the wind, Chabad Hebrew schools across the globe took off for another year of learning and fun. 

With Super Jew capes flying in the wind, Chabad Hebrew schools across the globe took off for another year of learning and fun. 

Despite many Hebrew schools closing their doors due to the challenges of Covid-19, a whopping thirty-five new Chabad Hebrew schools have been launched over the past year. And with a generous one-hundred-dollar grant from Merkos 302 for every new child that joins, the impact just keeps growing. “‘Every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education’ is our motto,” declares Rabbi Zalman Lowenthal, director of CKids International. “And there is no stopping until that happens!”

With maps in hand, hundreds of children from all over the world have embarked on Israel-Quest, an interactive and exciting new curriculum by CKids. Students discover the secret to our survival as they adventure the holy land. 

“Now, more than ever before, our right to our land is being challenged,” explains Chaya Zirkind, CKids Hebrew school director. “Israel Quest empowers children with knowledge, pride, and commitment to Israel and their heritage. Core Jewish values are also woven into every lesson so that the students acquire Mitzvos and tradition through the fascinating lens of Jewish history.” 

And what was that about the capes? Enter Super Jew, the hands-on curriculum for grades K-2 that explores key Jewish concepts with visual arts, steam and experiential learning.

The production of the CKids curriculums, facilitated by Chaya Zirkind, lead content producer Mrs. Mushky Loewenthal, and curriculum developers Mrs. Basya Yaffe, Mrs. Chaya Vogel, Mrs. Chava Witkes, Mrs. Menucha Isenberg and Miss Tzivie Greenbaum, are taking Hebrew school learning to the next level. The dedicated production team, Miss Gitel Spalter, Miss Sara Newman and Miss Sara Osdoba, ensure that the classes are of unprecedented quality, with interactive and engaging activities, polished graphics and tremendous attention to detail. The lesson plans are attractively simple and straightforward for every Hebrew school teacher to follow and implement.

“We cannot underestimate the importance of a child’s formative years “emphasized Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “the CKids curriculums are both educational and fun, because the fundamental Jewish knowledge and experiences that a child has in their youth affects the entire trajectory of their lives.”

Every lesson is reviewed and tested by a group of dedicated Shluchim and Shluchos Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum, Mrs. Chana Gansburg, Mrs. Sara Bluming, Mrs. Chavie Ash, Mrs. Sarah Alevsky and Mrs. Beila Goodman to refine and polish its product for over 350 Hebrew Schools around the world, ensuring its flawless success.

“It’s just two weeks in and I’m already teaching concepts that are so fundamental to Yiddishkeit,” enthuses Sheina Jacobson, a shlucha in Charlotte County, Florida. “I would have never thought to teach this subject, but the way the lessons are set up is so beautiful in that it incorporates history and Hashkafa in a fun and exciting way, with the brilliant transparency book showing the buildup of our history in Eretz Yisrael.”

5782 is already underway! Get on board and watch your Hebrew school soar.

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