Chabad Early Childhood Responds with Unity Initiative

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office has launched powerful initiatives to support Shluchim in response to the situation in Eretz Yisroel and announces a new program.

Chabad Early Childhood is the international network supporting Chabad preschools on Shlichus with curriculum resources, teacher training, and more.

After the events of October 7th, Shluchim swiftly took action and sought ways to respond and empower their communities. Chabad Early Childhood hosted live sessions with professionals to guide parents and educators and shared creative ideas to boost morale and foster a positive environment within preschools. 

“We wanted to create something even more impactful in the spirit of Mpei Olelim V’Yonkim,” shared Chabad Early Childhood director Mrs. Rivky Baitelman. “We launched a new initiative connecting preschools in Eretz Yisrael with those in America. This initiative has been incredibly moving to witness, as Jewish children learn about their fellow brothers and sisters, supporting them with loving care.”

Each school expressed support in unique ways: one donated a teacher appreciation dinner and gifts, another had an art teacher provide art therapy to Israeli students, and a third sent meaningful letters and gifts to the mothers, many of whom are maintaining their homes while their husbands or sons serve in the army.

Chabad Early Childhood has announced the launch of a Hebrew literacy teacher’s aid to help teachers introduce conversational Hebrew and empower students to learn the language.

Each unit includes a simple formula to incorporate a couple of new words each month, making learning a new language easy and fun. For more information, visit or email [email protected]

This initiative is dedicated in loving memory of Dr. Yosef Walder OBM, a founding and core contributor who impacted the lives of thousands of students.

The Shluchim Office is in the midst of their annual campaign to raise $500,000 to support and service Shluchim all around the world. 

Be a part of their integral work in helping Shluchim with programs, resources, products and services. 

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