Chabad ‘Amud Yomi’ Now on Popular Shiurim Hotline

The Amud Yomi program, which follows an instruction in Sefer Haminhagim to study an Amud of Gemara a day, is now available on the popular Kol Halashon website and hotline where they heard by thousands more.

As we proceed from Kabolas Hatorah, Amud Yomi L’Anash is expanding with another way to access its daily shiurim. Those wishing to follow the convenient Gemara study schedule can now listen to the daily shiurim by phone.

Amud Yomi L’Anash was established last year to facilitate and encourage the instruction in Sefer Haminhagim to study an Amud of Gemara each day. It was enthusiastically welcomed and endorsed by Rabbonim and Mashpiim around the world.

The Amud Yomi L’Anash program studies an Amud of Gemara each day, from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Shabbos reserved for review. Live Shiuim are provided by the outstanding Magidei Shiurim, Rabbi Berl Korf of Manchester in English, and Rabbi Dan Naftalin of Kfar Chabad in Hebrew. The Shiurim are clear and informative and conclude with a short digestible summary of the amud, followed by questions and answers with the Magid Shiur. 

The Shiurim are recorded and distributed together with resource material and visual aids by means of the website, email and WhatsApp. Now, the audio shiurim will also be available by phone through the Kol Halashon telephone line. Besides the ease of access, this accomplishes an opportunity for hafotzas hamayonos, as the shiurim often include insights from Chassidus and from the Rebbe’s teachings.

To listen to the daily Shiurim by phone, call Kol Halashon at 718-521-5231 followed bythe direct access code: *7 and 999412. The video shiurim are also available on Kol Halashon’s website.

To subscribe to a WhatsApp group for shiurim and study materials, click here. To join an email list, click here.

To receive a Luach or to find out how you can set up a Shiur or Kevius, email: [email protected]

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