CGI United Opens Registration for Summer 5783

After 2 highly successful summers, CGI United overnight camp for girls located in Bushkill, Pennsylvania, has opened registration for summer 5783.

By CGI United

After 2 highly successful summers, CGI United overnight camp for girls is pleased to announce that registration for the summer of 5783/2023 at CGI United will open on ג’ טבת תשפ”ג, December 27, 2022 at 1 pm for a period of 48 hours.

To access the registration portal, please visit our website at You can also find additional information about our program, including dates, rates, and division information, on our website

CGI United is a girls camp that provides a fun, Chassidishe, wholesome, and safe summer camp experience for Jewish girls based on the directives of the Rebbe. Our mission is to create an environment where girls can grow in their Yiddishkeit and chasidiskeit. Our staff is well-trained and receives ongoing Chinuch and professional guidance throughout the summer, contributing to an optimal experience with the highest standards for both staff and campers.

CGI United is fueled by intention and positivity and seeks to fuse Gashmius and Ruchnius together for maximum enjoyment and personal growth.

We are proud of the many positive experiences our past campers and staff members have had at CGI United. Here are a few testimonials from them:

“CGI United is a camp that is so updated, new, ready to improve, and you just need to be here to understand the feeling of a functional camp that cares about their staff so much. Overnight camp is tough, but the experience is so enjoyable when you are prioritized.”

“The camp is run really well and functional. The directors care about all staff and campers and the camp, and want everything to be best and give the best they can. Staff gets treated really well and cared for.”

“The staff are treated very well and with much respect. There is always someone to turn to if you have a problem or need help.”

“The gashmius is unlike other camps ;)) It’s LICHTIG!! I’ve been to a few camps as staff, and here is definitely where they treat you the best. You feel like the staff and directors are on your side, supporting you, and helping you through everything. Everyone’s genuinely nice, good people, and the atmosphere is amazing!”

“CGI United is a camp where communication is key, and the directors and upper staff do their best to make sure every single camper, staff, and headstaff is not just healthy and safe, but also happy and appreciated. It is very fulfilling to work in a camp where everyone is on one team, with one goal, and helps to pull everyone up to that.”

“It’s a great place and feels like the Rebbe’s camp.”

“It’s a fun camp with beautiful grounds, and their goal is to give the kids the funnest time possible in a chassidish environment.”

“The achdus and unity that exists within such a diversity, and the energy that happens in camp only because of the intense diversity is absolutely divine!! The directors are incredible to work with!! And everyone has the same goal in mind to help the campers have the summer of their lives with growth beruchnius and begashmius!”

CGI Girls: Girls finishing grades 4-7
CGI Teens: Girls finishing grades 8-9
Waitresses: Girls finishing grade 10

Register today at

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