CGI UK for Boys Wraps Most Successful Summer

Camp Gan Yisroel for boys in the UK just finished the most successful summer experience with an unprecedented number of campers coming from around the world!

The camp was held in a fabulous activity center in the scenic Peak District in England. Directed by Rabbi Shmuli Brown and Menahel Ruchni Rabbi Folly Dubov, over 165 boys and staff, enjoyed a fun-packed summer of learning and activities in a Chassidisher fun and lively atmosphere. Many came to the UK from various countries in Europe, Ukraine, Israel and America, as they knew CGI UK offers the best possible summer experience one can dream of.

The dedicated, energetic and devoted Head Counselors Moshe Golomb and Mendel Zaltzman and the Masmidim Division Head Counselors Chaim Eliyohu Sternberg and Lippy Baumgarten together with the Learning Director Levi Potash and their remarkable talented, and devoted counselors did an outstanding job, literally transforming the lives of many campers. Every counsellor knows CGI UK is a Shlichus and they maintain the connection with the campers for many years.

Already on the first full day of camp, the campers were full of energy as they had two trips to ice skating and then a trampoline center! 

CGI UK arranged the most incredible and beautiful Bar Mitzvah for one of the campers, whose father is unfortunately wheelchair-bound with an illness. All campers dressed in their finest Shabbos clothes, the food was sumptuous, the speeches were uplifting and the dancing was beyond energetic – like Simchas Beis Hashoeivo in Crown Heights!

The children had so much fun with the amazing trips from a massive amusement park with thriller rides, go-karting, ice skating, swimming, canoeing, 3G swings, archery, high ropes, zip lining, laser shooting, bowling, hikes, trampoline center, midnight runaways, farbrengens, sports, activities, color war, the banquet and so much more. This was all done in the span of 13 days!

The amount of Mishnayus Baal Peh learned, Maamorim, Tanya Baal Peh and Hachlotas taken was outstanding, the entire camp got up very early and sat for more than 2 hours reciting Tehillim on Shabbos Mevorchim Elul, for some of the children this was their very first time saying Tehillim! 

The Masmidim division (14-16 years old) had a special mivtza with 4 boys winning fantastic prizes of going to spend Tishrei by the Rebbe, fully paid for by the devoted counselors. A large group of campers are planning to attend CGI UK’s ‘Tishrei by the Rebbe’ program bez’H being run by our devoted Masmidim counselors who are raising funds for it, Mendel Weinbaum, Shlomo Stern, Mendel Cunin, and Reuven Brenenson together with the head staff.

The success stories in camp were remarkable, with many campers taking upon themselves new Hachlotas to strengthen in their Yiddishkeit, Chassidshkeit and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe, to which they all wrote in a pan to the Rebbe at the end of camp. 

The Chayus in davening and bentching, the entire camp singing in unison with hands around each other’s shoulders by the Shabbos meals and all the beautiful stories, were amazing.

The children were fascinated by the general learning classes given by Rabbi Folly Dubov, who instilled Chassidishkeit in the campers throughout the duration of the camp in his unique way.

Massive credit goes to the Head Cook Rabbi Yechiel Wilhelm, his wife Sara, and the entire kitchen staff for preparing such gourmet food and going way and above beyond their job, caring for each camper. Lots of thanks and gratitude to Tzivia Brown and the GM’s Mendy Uhrmacher, Tzviki Levine and Sholly Cohen for being a massive help in camp and for a summer that won’t be forgotten for a very long time.

The parents said that their children could not wait until next year and that they had the most amazing summer experience ever!

Even though, the words of ‘Goodbye Gan Yisroel’ where every camper was singing with arms around each other with tears rolling down their cheeks, CGI UK never says ‘goodbye’ as they have throughout the entire year, many Mivtzahs keeping the children engaged and inspired till the next summer!

Thanking our dear sponsors: Chevington Cheese, Keren Esther, and other anonymous sponsors.

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