CGI Florida Girls Division Concluded Unforgettable Summer

Gan Yisroel of South Florida concluded an amazing summer full of inspiration, comradeship, fun, and chayus.

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In the vibrant sunshine of South Florida, the  grounds of Gan Yisroel Florida Girls Overnight Camp came alive with laughter, growth, and camaraderie over the course of two dynamic sessions spanning eight unforgettable weeks.

As the campers embarked on a journey of growth and hiskashrus, the resounding success of the camp stood as a testament to the power of unity and the joyous spirit that radiated from every corner. With over 170 campers in attendance, the camp transformed into a haven of inspiration and friendship, leaving an indelible mark on each girl.

During the first month, themed “Brighten up the World,” the girls were empowered to spread light, positivity, and simcha to every circumstance. Their realization and ownership of this innate power became evident in their interactions with one another.

The program was dedicated to understanding the concept of simcha as Yidden and Chassidim. Campers gleaned these lessons through a variety of interactive activities. A specialized program was developed for the older division, guiding them through project-based learning that drew lessons from various women in Tanach.

A multitude of creative and interesting theme days, exhilarating trips, and out-of-this-world activities kept the campers thoroughly engaged and entertained. The roster of spectacular trips included ice skating, bowling, and inflatable water games. From swimming and boating to waterslides and cooking competitions, lip sync battles, and the spirited Crazy War, not to mention slip ‘n slides and water balloon fights, the camp schedule offered a glimpse into the packed agenda of fun and games.

Talents were pushed to their limits as the color war competition between Teams Torah and Mitzvos reached its zenith. In the production realm, the girls harnessed their God-given talents to spread joy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the sports activities nurtured real responsibility and honed leadership skills – the competition was nothing short of exhilarating! The artistic pursuits and elective choices left the girls with a sense of accomplishment tied to their own creations.

In the second session, titled “Play Your Part – Shnas Hakhel,” the central theme resonated. Much like an orchestra that not only follows the conductor but also deeply understands the music, the second session campers exhibited a comprehensive grasp of Tzivos Hashem. They not only adhered to its principles but also internalized practical halachic aspects and embraced a Moshiach-focused perspective.

The program delved into the vocabulary and phrases that define Chassidic life. The “Chassidishe Dictionary” guided campers through multiple Tanya themes, sichos, and maamarim, grounding these concepts in real-life contexts.

Exciting off-site ventures to trampoline parks, mini golf courses, and a grand excursion to a central Florida amusement park were highlights of the agenda. Individually, bunks went on mivtzoim trips to Assisted Living homes, spreading simcha and song to the residents, leaving a lasting impact.

The intensity of the color war competition escalated as Teams Neshama and Guf pooled their talents and skills to craft impressive grand scenes and artworks. Amidst swimming, boating, electives, sports, art, dance, production preparations, and a range of engaging activities, the campers reveled in a fantastic time.

As summer drew to a close and campers bid farewell, the memories, friendships, lessons, and emotions would endure for a lifetime. None of these experiences would have been feasible without the dedicated, caring, chayusdik (spirited), and fun staff and counselors.

Guided by Rabbi Yossi and Bayla Biston, alongside Rabbi Eli and Shira Wajsbort, CGI FL Girls Overnight Camp experienced leadership with an exceptional understanding of and vision for being part of the Rebbe’s camp.

During the first session, Head Counselors Ella Dorn and Aidel Speilman, accompanied by Ruchnius Director Mussie Rubin, fostered a nurturing, warm, and chassidishe environment. The second session, under the guidance of Head Counselors Sara Fajnland and Rivka Levitin, and Ruchnius Director Raizel Rivkin, propelled an enthusiastic environment of growth and chassidishkeit.

As the curtain descends on this year’s enchanting summer, the echoes of shared laughter, transformative lessons, and cherished memories will resonate in the hearts of Gan Yisroel Florida Girls Overnight campers. The energy, excitement, and simcha for Yiddishkeit that saturated every activity and corner of the camp will illuminate the campers’ paths as they return home. 

Below are the Music Albums recorded for this year in connection with the sessions theme:

Brighten Up The World:

Gan Yisroel ‘83:*

Please note Gan Yisroel ‘83 was produced in conjunction with multiple camps in a display of Achdus & Hakhel.

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