CGI Florida Campers Participate in 2-Week Gift to the Rebbe

For close to two weeks, campers and staff of CGI Florida participated in a campaign to give the Rebbe a gift for Chof Av, concluding with two campers winning a trip to New York. On Chof Av, the camp held a farbrengen-concert with Eli Marcus.

Photos: Elimelech Goldstein & Zalmy Marrus

For close to two weeks, campers and staff of CGI Florida participated in a campaign – a gift to the Rebbe – in honor of Chof Av, Yom Hillula of the Rebbe’s father, Harav Levi Yitchok Schneerson.

In addition to learning about the Rebbe’s father, campers focused on improving the three daily tefillos (each on their own level) and learning the daily study sessions of Chitas – the latter facilitated by camp’s popular “Chitas Club”. A raffle later determined two campers who would travel as camp’s representatives to the Rebbe in honor of the day: Sholom Ber Steinberg and Zevi Cattan.

On Chof Av, a rally was held where campers heard from Rabbi Shmuly Sossonkin (Shliach, Chabad of Rollins College, FL).

The day’s activities culminated in Farbrengen-Concert with the inimitable Eli Marcus and Sholom Lieberman. In his unique and warm style he farbrenged with the campers and sang niggunim, ending the day with a dance-night to remember forever.

It’s the hope of all campers and staff that the above gave the Rebbe much-deserved nachas, tip the scale and bring about the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu, now!

A special thank you to the campstaff who facilitated in organizing the day’s farbrengen-concert: Head Counselor Zalmy Oster, Yomo Friedman Elimelech Goldstein, Dovi Hanoka, Moshe Kamen, Yossi Zaltzman and the CGI Florida boys choir.

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