CGI Directors Brainstorm How to Use $25,000

With summer camp just 6 months away, five directors of CGI camps across Long Island met virtually to coordinate efforts and to plan how to best utilize a $25,000 they just recieved.

With Chanukah behind us and summer camp just 6 months away, five directors of CGI camps across Long Island, representing more than 1000 children, met virtually to plan and coordinate efforts.

Joining the meeting were Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, Director of Chabad of Long Island, Rabbi Yanki Reiter of CGI Roslyn, Rabbi Zalman Baumgarten of CGI Great Neck, Rabbi Chaim Vaisfishce of CGI Melville, Rabbi Shimon Kramer of CGI Merrick and Rabbi Motti Grossbaum of CGI Stonybrook.  

The CGI camps had just recently received a $25,000 grant, and the directors discussed the best way to utilize the extra boost.

“We are looking to do joint marketing, make a central website, create an after-camp program for counselors, make an Island-wide Grand Event at the end of the summer, as well as a number of other very innovative ideas,” one of the directors told

The directors said that in order to help run these new programs, they would be looking out to hire a part-time Camp Coordinator.

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