Center Established to Prepare Future Rabbanim in Russia

Machon Limud Halacha – Lemaan Yilmedu is opening a new center offering Semicha programs to students in Russia. Dozens of individuals from across the country and even abroad are already interested in participating.

Machon Limud Halacha – Lemaan Yilmedu has acquired a reputation as a leading learning institution in Chabad for the study of halacha. About one thousand students are learning in various programs starting with semicha and also Shabbos, chuppa-kiddushin, rav of a shul, etc. We are now pleased to announce that in addition to the Machon’s three large centers, in Eretz Yisrael, in the United States and in France, we are anticipating the addition of a third center in Russia.

Last Tuesday, the committee of rabbanim entrusted with developing the study program and granting semicha in Russia, convened for the very first time. The rabbanim worked assiduously to word the exact criteria to receive a semicha l’rabbanus certificate and established high standards for the quality of the material to be learned, all of which are to be translated into Russian.

The committee of rabbanim was formed by the chief rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, and includes talmidei chachamim and distinguished rabbanim: Rabbi Zalman Shimon Deren – secretary of the Beis Din Ha’Rabbani of Russia; Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Merzel – rosh kollel in Moscow; and Rabbi Dovid Rosenzweig – one of the rabbanim in Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim in Sofrina.

Rabbi Lazar offered words of blessing for the important initiative and said that the learning should be on a high level and provide real world tools for the practical application of halacha.

The first course is scheduled to begin, G-d willing, in Iyar. As of now, there has been a tremendous response and dozens of people in Moscow, as well as in smaller cities in Russia and even abroad are interested in participating in the new course.

Director of the Machon in the U.S., Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, also offered words of blessing for the new significant expansion of the program and wished the new participants success in their learning.

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