Celebrate Chof Ches Sivan With Your Kids at Home

As chassidim celebrate the day of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s arrival in the USA, a campaign is encouraging parents to bring Chof Ches Sivan into their dining room and make the day special for their children.

Tonight and tomorrow is a special day. Chof Ches Sivan in the day our Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived on the shores of America. From these shores, we know how the Rebbe reached Yidden all over the world.

Here are some ways to bring the spirit of this special time into your home and make it exciting for your family:

  • Set up the table beautifully and make a special meal
    Make a centerpiece for your table using a boat and an American Flag. ( or your own creative ideas)
  • Sing a Niggun of the Rebbe
  • Share a Dvar Torah from the Rebbe
  • Say the Rebbe’s new Kappital
  • Give Tzedaka together.
  • Say L’Chaim! Have grape juice and special cups ready
  • Have a treat for this special day
  • Watch a video of the Rebbe

Please send pictures of your “Farbrengen at Home” to (860) 777-5374. Include your name and location. Send your entry in before Gimmel Tammuz and your family will be entered into a raffle for a $100 gift card to a Judaica store. (10 winners).

Brought to you by the Raizel Wolvovsky Charitable Foundation
לעילוי נשמת אדל רייזל בת ר’ אברהם דוד ע”ה

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