Card Game Teaches Children About Rebbe’s Initiatives

A new card game called ‘A Chassidisher Kop’ contains 40 exciting cards that teach unique facts about the Rebbe’s directives. Titles in Yiddish, English, and Nekudos allow even the youngest readers to participate.

Gimmel Tammuz is a day when Chassidim work on Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. For those who saw the Rebbe, it’s a day of reflecting and recounting the stories of Farbrengens and Dollar lines. For teenagers, it can mean learning more Sichos and Maamorim of the Rebbe. But how can little children properly relate to such an auspicious day? What can they do to learn more about the Rebbe? 

A mother in California has the answer: “As a child, I was fortunate to see the Rebbe. Wanting to give that special opportunity to my children, I bought the A Chassidishe Kop games. Now, they can learn about the Rebbe, his Chassidim, and his Inyanim in a powerful and fun way! I find that they know even more than I ever did.”

Built on the motto of “Ashreinu Mah Tov Chelkeinu,” the game topics were chosen to teach children to be proud of their Chabad heritage, role models, and responsibilities.

We began last year by creating a set exploring the lives of Eltere Chassidim. Within months it quickly became a favorite among families. 

“All my kids, ages 4-13, have become familiar with many Chassidim and their lives. At the Shabbos table, the first thing discussed is the Chassidim from the set. My little kids play house together, and the names they give each other are Chassidim’s names from the game.” said one grateful parent. 

“Boruch Hashem, we’ve been seeing tremendous success, as our first card series sold out! After many requests, we have created a second set in the series. In this game, players will delve into 40 of the Rebbe’s initiatives for our generation,” the creators said.

40 exciting cards filled with colorful graphics teach unique facts about every Inyan. Titles in Yiddish, English, and Nekudos allow even the youngest readers to participate. Playtime and discussions will be transformed as kids spend hours exploring the dates and details of the Rebbe’s directives.

Strengthen your child’s Chassidishe Kop and Hiskashrus. Buy a set today! 

Find them at:
Crown Heights – Hamafitz, Judaica World (Aisle 4), and Zakon’s- Kingston Toys
Los Angeles – Choose from pick up at Cheder Menachem or stop into MidCity Chabad Atara’s 
NEW! England and Australia – email [email protected]
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