Car Top Menorah is Catalyst for Modern-Day Chanukah Miracle

A shliach in a small American town told about a remarkable phone call he received today from an anonymous caller, and why he considers it a modern day Chanukah miracle.

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A shliach* in a small American town told about a remarkable phone call that he received today. 

The man on the line was anonymous, calling from a private number. “Can I speak to a rabbi?” he asked.

The caller said that he had an unusual question. He was born to Jewish parents, but a number of years ago he had converted out of the faith. Now, he’d like to know – Can he undo his conversion?

“Of course,” the shliach responded, explaining that a Jew remains a Jew and can never change his identity. But before going into the details of what he could do, the shliach wanted to know, “What prompted you to call now? Why are you suddenly interested in undoing your conversion?”

“Well,” the caller explained, “the other night, I saw a car driving around and it had a menorah on top! I can’t explain it, but all of a sudden I had these thoughts and feelings that I must undo my conversion. I went home and searched online for a rabbi until I found your number and here I am.”

“Wow.” The shliach was completely blown away, but the caller didn’t understand what was so remarkable about his story. 

The shliach explained to him, “Do you know the story of Chanukah?” Yes, he did. “Remember how the Jews were searching and searching, and finally found a hidden jug of pure oil with the seal of the High Priest? I feel like I am experiencing a modern-day Chanukah miracle right now.”

The shliach explained to him that the pure and holy jug of oil, the pure neshama with the seal of the Kohen Gadol, was on the line with him at that moment. “You have uncovered your pure, untouchable Jewish soul. That’s why I’m amazed.”

The shliach encouraged him to light the Chanukah menorah as his first step to reclaiming his Judaism. He also told him about going to the mikvah and putting on tefillin, and the story is just beginning.

Completely floored by hearing how a car-top menorah brought a fellow Jew back home, the shliach told, “We don’t have the slightest clue of the far-reaching effects of the Rebbe’s mivtza Chanukah. Just by having a menorah on top of a car – we have no idea who it will impress and what it will accomplish. It’s just unbelievable.”

*The shliach has requested to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of the caller.

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