Car Overturns in Crown Heights; Shomrim First to Respond

Shomrim volunteers were called to action when a call came in about an overturned car. Two volunteers responded to secure the scene and helped with traffic to allow FDNY to arrive quickly to rescue the passenger

Shomrim volunteers were called to action Monday afternoon when a call came into the Crown Heights Shomrim about an overturned car. Two volunteers responded quickly to the scene and found a man pinned underneath the car.

The incident took place around 3:15 pm on E45th near Winthrop Street after the vehicle hit a parked car and landed on its side.

The volunteers called 911 while they did what they could to stabilize the vehicle, confirm the passenger was not in life-threatening danger, and keep traffic moving safely until the FDNY showed up.

Firefighters were forced to extract the vehicle’s sole occupant through the car’s rear hatch. He was later transported to the hospital for evaluation.

“Our volunteers were alerted to the scene of an overturned vehicle with a pin,” Crown Heights Shomrim wrote on Instagram. “They immediately called 911 and kept traffic flowing smoothly, ensuring that Firefighters were able to access the scene and begin their extraction and rescue efforts.”

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